My second smoke

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  1. Well I did my second smoke Friday - Here is a timeline with pics:

    7:00 AM - Put the meat out on the counter to get to room temp.

    I started heating up my MES 40 around 10:30 AM.

    11:00 AM my MES 40 was up to  target temp of 220*

    Time to load the meat - Sausages on top, Pork Butt middle, on the rack, Foil drip pan with marinade below on bottom rack.

    While waiting on the unit to regain temp I loaded the first 1/2 cup of soaked Pecan and Applewood chips. 

    We were smokin big time by 11:30 AM

    A tip for those who have MES 30 or 40 - the chip loader is real hot - to make the job easier I grabbed the stand for my ancient soldering iron to hold the loader - makes the job so easy. Anyone could create similar from an old wire hanger.

    Chips and "loader stand"

    So easy to fill the loader and not get burned now!

    12:15 PM added second batch of wood chips

    1:00 PM added third batch of wood chips

    2:00 PM added fourth batch of wood chips

    3:30 PM Pork Butt was up to 135* - time to increase the heat to 240*

    6:55 PM the Pork Butt was finally up to 165* - time to foil.

    7:30 PM the Pork Butt FINALLY jumped to 170* - we were all so hungry that I pulled it out - the sausages were a bit done by foil time when they were pulled - and the Pork Butt had a nice ring and smoke flavor that complemented the MOJO marinade.

    Final pic is the cold left overs! 

    I promise to get a pic before we attack the food next time!
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    Hey man, that looks fantastic! Great presentation too. Keep up the good work.
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