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  1. So I got home and was disappointed to see my AMNPS didn't arrive today. So the Boston butt went in the fridge and instead I threw a meatloaf together for my second smoke on my new Cajun Injector Custom Electric. Oh well, might be a two smoke weekend it my package from Jeff comes tomorrow.

    Two loafs are ready.

    meatloaf goes in and sausage almost ready to come out.

    Accurite meat therm is in and smoke is rising.
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  2. It should be good. I hate it this time of year waiting on the shipping companys.

    Happy smoken.

  3. troutter

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    I just smoked a meatloaf a few night ago and really enjoyed it.  I hope your loaf turns out great.  I'd love to see some pictures when they're done!
  4. The thermometer shows around 1:15 minutes left to hit target temp. The sausage was good but the skin was dry and kinda tough. When I used the smoker for the first time last weekend, I used the water pan. The problem being that the pan is so big, I had some water, not much, drip out of the corner of the door. I am new to this but I am pretty sure that shouldn't happen. So tonight I foiled the pan and made a smaller water tray, maybe to small. I do know it's the surface area that counts .
  5. Fill the pan with sand then wrap with foil or wrap a brick with foil.

    Happy smoken.

  6. troutter

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    What did you smoke the other night?  I use an MES (very similar to your cajun injector) and I've had water or drippings run out the door many times, especially when smoking something large with a lot of fat and/or moisture in it.  The condensation inside the smoker alone can run down the sides, pool at the bottom and eventually run out the door.  Personally, i don't see a problem with a little water dripping out the door, it happens to me all the time.
  7. I did two racks of St Louis style ribs. Good to know about the drips. I was considering putting sand in the water pan which I may still do and use a couple of tuna cans for water. Have you done the mailbox mod to yours? I was wondering how high to put the inlet in relation to the heating element.
    Topping on one loaf, one left bare.

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    Sounds like you are Steaming your food... it has enough liquid in it , put sand in the pan... stop the drooling Smoker . JMHO
  9. I drool every time I walk out on the porch, lol. No wind tonight and the aroma of smoking meat engulfs me like a soft blanket.
  10. Chow time.

  11. Ditch the water and tuna cans. Put a drip pan under your meat and sand in your water pan.

    Happy smoken.

  12. Mine came with a drip pan that sits on the floor of the smoker.

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