My Second Brisket (with Qview)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jonestrada, Jan 3, 2016.

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    On Tuesday we had our family's delayed Christmas party since a lot of our family members were working on Christmas day. My mom volunteered me to cook so I did a brisket and a ham.

    I started with a 16.5 lb brisket and probably trimmed it down to 13-14 lbs. My rub was simply Kosher salt and course black pepper. I used post oak and and tried to keep the heat around 275 degrees for a cook time of about an hour per pound. Every two hours I added a couple of wood chunks and checked my water tray.

    2 hours in

    4 hours in

    6 hours in

    8 hours in and read to wrap at 170 degrees

    Let it cook for 4 more hours and the temperature was right at 203 degrees when pulled. It looks a little dry in the photo but was not when we cut into it.

    Ready to be served with the pineapple, brown sugar and maraschino cherry glazed ham I smoke over cherry wood.

    Found out my brother's fiance took some pictures of the brisket all cut up.

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  2. jonestrada

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    Here are some pictures of the finger ribs I did the other day.

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    Good looking brisket and ribs Jon!
  4. mike5051

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    That is some good looking Q Jon!  Nice job.

  5. mike5051

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    Oh I almost forgot...[​IMG]
  6.  That's some fine looking chow, Jon.

  7. Looks like two successful smokes to me.

    Smoke it up

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