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  1. I built my smoker box 24" by 24" by 48" tall. The outside is made with OSB plywood with 1/2 in pink insulation covered with 1/8 plywood. Heat source is a 110 volt 1500w heating element .I did not want to use gas because the temp could not be controlled.  I have temp and humidity gauge, both about 20.00 each, with a 200 degree cut out switch so it will not burn to the ground. All the parts were bought from Amazon. The cost was about 150.00 for every thing. When I set the temp it will stay +or - 3-4 degrees. The pellet smoker will last longer than the cooking. I will post the links of the parts.  If anyone needs the details PM me and I will be glad to share. Having fun making smoke.

    The Box


    Temp control only read Celsius. I did not see the Fahrenheit till after my order 

    Humidity control


    Cut out limit control

    Instant read thermo

    A-maze-n pellet smoker

    Drip pan
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    Jones..... Awesome.... should be a great smoker.... very few realize 200 deg F is more than you need for a great smoker.....

    Thanks for the parts list..... With the parts you have, you could ferment sausage like dried salami, coppa etc.... Dave
  3. The link for the Temp controller and element are the same.  Any chance you could repost the link?
  4. I changed the link. It is the right one now
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    Nice build... Thanks for the info

  6. luna

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    Looks nice. What's the humidity controller hooked up to?
  7. The Humidity Control has two probes. One for humidity and the is for temp. The probes are in the smoker on the back wall about a  foot from top. It does not control anything, just monitor  the humidity.
  8. luna

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    Ah Ok, I see. Cool project!

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