My sausage isn't that juicy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gussygus, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. gussygus

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    I made some Texas-style sausages today and they aren't that juicy, I read they're supposed to be so juicy that it runs down your arm ... Not mine.

    Here's what I did:
    60% brisket (point and flat with all the fat)
    40% pork shoulder with fat
    Simply seasoned: Salt, pepper, granulated garlic, a touch of cayenne

    I did a test cook and smoked at 250-275.
    1 sausage: 1 hour
    1 sausage: 1.5 hours
    1 sausage: 2 hours

    The juiciest sausage was the 1 hour sausage. The others had a dry and crumbly texture. Smoke rings were thick on all three. The casings textures were good except for the 2 hour sausage, casing was thick and hard.

    What am I doing wrong?
  2. chef jimmyj

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    What IT are you taking them too? It sounds like your formula is fine...JJ
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  3. timberjet

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    You could try some nonfat dry milk powder and water or beer to your mix. Most of my recipes have that for moisture and binder.
  4. 225 deg n a water pan fulla beer...and a Bluetooth internal temp thermometer.
  5. gussygus

    gussygus Newbie

    I did two things differently and they turned out great, really juicy, chopping board was all greasy when I sliced them.

    Not sure which worked or both, but I:
    1. Lowered the temp to 225ish
    2. Smoked 1 hour
    3. Hung them in a loop (I have a Lang 84, just took out the top rack and used a pole to hang then)

    They did seem slightly loose though, like they weren't as tight as they were, I'm thinking a binder would fill in the tiny gaps like you guys mentioned.
  6. sure your fat content was good enough.

  7. boykjo

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  8. those hotdog-and-cocktail smokies are some good looking dogs.


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