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Discussion in 'Pork' started by duggy, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    It's been a while since I've been on this forum but I'm planning a BBQ and I thought there's no place better to go to ask for advice than here.

    There will roughly be about 25 people at the bbq and I want to make one of the main dish baby back ribs.

    I was thinking about getting 4 racks of ribs and accompanying the ribs with something else like chicken + side dishes.

    So I have a few questions:

    1) Is 4 racks enough?

    2) What other meats go well with ribs? Is chicken a good choice and if so, do you have a speciic marinade that you like to use for your chicken in this scenario?

    3) What are some good side dishes for ribs??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. 4 racks 25 people. No that is less than 2 ribs per person. I brine my chicken then rub. I prefer leg quarters. I cut them apart and trim them.

    Happy smoken

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    If you want to make ribs the star of the show, i'd suggest estimating 1/3 rack per person, baby backs are small. For the sake of making things easy I like to choose a side kick that I can cook for approx the same amount of time and at the same temperature as the main dish.

    Chicken always goes well with ribs, and its versatile as you can serve it pulled, sliced, in 1/4s etc.  Chicken drumsticks are always a good choice too, easy to cook, serve and affordable as well. I marinate mine in zesty italian dressing for 30min-1 hour then hit them with a rub then to the smoker.

    As for sides, its tough to go wrong with baked beans and cole slaw maybe some brocolli salad or pasta salad.  I have a couple good recipes for these if you would like them
  4. Last time I cooked for about 30 people I think I did 9 racks of ribs. If I did 4 racks I would add maybe 3 beer butt chickens and drumsticks  or 2 dozen wings and drumsticks.
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    I'm with everyone else I usually figure 1/3 rack per person, even with sides and extra meat. So that'd be double what you have figured.

    How much room do you have in your smoker? That might determine what else you cook. 8 racks takes up some real estate.

    Chicken goes great with ribs.  I like to do injected wings or drum sticks, since like ribs they are finger food. Plus they can be done ahead of time if you don't have enough space.

    Smoked Potato salad is great. ABT's/poppers, smoked mac n cheese, beans, grilled corn on the cob all good sides.
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    I would suggest coleslaw and potato salad as sides. You can make them in advance and just pull them out of the fridge.

  8. when i make ribs for my buddies, i usually provide the ribs and have them do sides. i was impressed with a cold, off the cob grilled corn dish one of my friends brought. dont remember exactly what was in it, but im sure there are many variations of the recipe to be found. green beans and bacon is another one of my bbq side dish faves.

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