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Discussion in 'Pork' started by dutch, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. dutch

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    I did 4 racks of spare last Sunday. The last bunch I did 3-2-1 style and the bones all but fell off the meat on their own. So in my experimental quest for my "perfect ribs" (some resistance but pulls clean from the bone) this time around I did them 2-1-1.

    With these ribs, I think I found my new preferred way of doing them. For the most part the bones held in place-one bone poped loose while I was transfering the ribs from the foil back to the smoker racks (I know, I know-why didn't I just fold the foil back-Ma asked me the same question); I wanted the ribs to set up some, didn't want them to continuing cooking in the juices in the bottom of the foil. The rib that popped loose was from a rack that was kind of small like it was from a little piggy.

    The only thing different that I'll do next time will to be more generous with the rib rub-was running low and didn't have all the ingredients to make more. The flavor was great but the bark was kind of thin.

    I ran my modified GOSM using a combination of Kingsfords briquettes (old stuff) and Royal Oak lump in the sfb. Smoker ran between 245-250* Flavor woods was a mix of two sticks of cherry to one stick of pecan. The sticks were 1 1/2 in thick X 8 in long. I

    I topped off the charcoal basket with some more RO when I foiled the ribs just to be on the safe side. When I pulled the ribs from the smoker, there was still about 1/3 of a basket of charcoal still burning.

    My digital is M.I.A and I'm still figuring out the camera on my new cell phone. I'll try to post up some pics of the ribs that I set aside for lunch this week.
  2. cowgirl

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    Dutch, I appreciate you sharing this. I will definately give your method a try. Thanks!
  3. fatback joe

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    You ever try upping the time on the front end of the equation? Your comment about the bark made me think of that. I usually go pretty light on the rub, but still get pretty good bark......I suppose that is relative anyhow.

    I usually run 3.5 - 1.5 (or little less) - .5 (give or take) on spares at 230 -240...........

    Good luck on the quest for the perfect rib.
  4. richtee

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    Dutch..get yer dripping pan out there and open the foil, create a little "spout" at one end pick up in the foil and pour off the juice....

    I have been around 2-1.5ish-1 when I do foil for a while now, but I do St. Looies too.
  5. richoso1

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    Dutch, you're expanding the envelope again, great! I just did some spares for a small crowd, and I used the 2-2-1 method. I also removed the foil after unwrapping, for the reason you mentioned. No compalints... yet.
  6. pinkmeat

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    Also St Louis style here. A couple smokes in the last few weeks have ended up being some of my best ribs. I was in a rush, cooked more towards 250ish, and cooked 2-2-1 at most, more like 2-1.5-.75, and the results were great.

    I went back and did 200-210 for the full 3-2-1 this past weekend, and wasn't thrilled with the results compared to previous results.
  7. tasunkawitko

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    dutch - i will give this a try next time i do ribs. without foil, i can't seem to get them as "perfect" as i got them the first time. with foil, i seem to get them too much as the bones all fall out. your in-between method makes good sense!
  8. flash

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  9. wmarkw

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    I did 3-1-1.5 on my spares sunday and they came out perfect. I think the 3-2-1 is too much
  10. dutch

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    Great thread Flash-just read it; somehow missed it the first time around!!

    Well, like they say, "Great minds think alike"!!

  11. walking dude

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    shuckx q-view........didn't happen..........LOLOLOL

    i found 2-2-1 just bout my best so far.......full spares trimmed down to st. louie.........even momma is giving up her 5 spice rub, for my THATS saying summin
  12. I also do St Louis ribs and have modified the 3-2-1 to more like 2.5-1-1. I also cook at a little hotter temps of about 250 is my desired temp. I also have to monitor the foiled part closely because that varies depending on the thickness of the ribs. But anyways this has worked well enough to win a couple of local comps with.
  13. jord

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    I did a few racks of baby backs in my MES and ran it probably 2-1-1 since I was short on time and they were easily the best, juiciest ribs I've ever cooked. Granted they were baby backs and not spares but what can you do.

    I've found that running a little longer on the front end and shortening the last two steps makes a better rib in my opinion.
  14. When you wrap the ribs in foil, is it a tight wrap or no?
  15. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Not tight, Jack. Want a little "steam room" in there. Plus, you run the risk of puncturing the foil, which is bad if it allows leaking of liquid.
  16. Cool, thanks Rich. I assumed as much. I have never foiled yet and been really wanting to try this method. I am really liking 2-2.5-1 for spares.

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