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  1. I recently finished building my own reverse flow smoker.  Unfortunately I just found this site or I would have posted pics along the way. I will give the story and pictures now, after the fact!

    I began with a 500 gal LP tank that was used on our farm for many years.  It was in incredibly good shape with onlya little surface rust!  Thanks Dad!

    I filled it with water and cut one dome off and also cut out the doors.

    Off to buy some steel!
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    Can't wait to see this project. Love to watch you guys with mad welding skills. And welcome to the forum!
  3. Next I built the firebox and mounted the doors.

    It was much easier for me and my limited welding skills to weld a firebox on to a flat end than to try and cut the dome out for the firebox to fit.  FB dimensions are 38x34x32


  4. Next came the stack and the log holder.



  6. Ribs were for our church staff party.  They asked if I would cook the meat.  What a great opportunity to use my new "toy".  I smoked 15 slabs and a full brisket for 36 people.  My pastor told me there wasn't a single piece of meat left after dinner.  I'm still learning how to make her purrrrr but so far so good.  My two brother-in-laws are coming here for Christmas.  I'm guessing there will be a fire burning all week!  I had a great time with this build and would not hesitate doing it again!  If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.  I'm an open book!

    Thanks for looking!
  7. Nice 


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