My quest for the right Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mike70gtx, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. After several weeks of research I decided to get the MES 40. I had a friend that was pushing my to get the bradley with the wood pucks. I decided to pull the trigger this weekend when the wife and I went to the big city of Dallas. I was heading for Cabelas which had a 40 on sale for $300 and it comes with sausage hanger, cover and solid door. On the way I changed my mind and decided I wanted a window and have read the arguments for both. So I get back on my phone to do a search and see that Academy has the window one for $299 so I'm feeling good. The first one I stop at does not have one in stock. The salesman takes about 20 minutes to call other stores and I wait for them to look and found one in the back room of a store and was missing parts. After 30 minutes I left my number and asked him to call me if he found one. He never did so I called and found a store that said they had two in stock. So after going a little out of the way and pull up to Academy with much excitement only to find two 30's. I was a little upset but the salesman said he messed up and got on the computer to check other stores to no avail. Now I'm back in the vehicle realizing that I will not be eating any smoked ribs for a few more days. I was driving back to Texarkana a little depressed. Then I remembered!!! The Sams one is  $329 and I can add a  warranty.  Of course I am a believer of "All things work together for good." Went to Sams this morning and picked up the MES40 with bluetooth and I added the 3 year warranty for $29 and found out I have the rewards card which adds another year to the warranty.  So I have four years of warranty after the manufactures runs out. Got it put together tonight, tomorrow we season and Monday I'll be ready  for some good eating. 

    PS. I had already bought some wood pellets and the A-maz-n pellet smoker. 
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    [​IMG]You should be happy with that set up. Not BT but I LOVE mine...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Wow. What a journey.

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