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  1. Hey guys...well I've been "smoking" meats for a long time, and have always followed the old rule of LOW AND SLOW, and never looked back. 225F was my BIBLE and I never smoked much hotter than that.

    Well, this weekend, I wanted to do  a large 12 pound Pork butt on my GMG Daniel Boone (pellet grill). and as I was getting the pork butt ready I just had this crazy idea in my head to do a complete "SET IT AND FORGET IT" smoke on this.  What the heck, right????

    Anyway, I trimmed the butt, injected it with some applejuice/worchestershire sauce mix...and then rubbed it with my home rub.  I fired the Pellet Grill up to 255 degrees F.  and put some pellets into my AmazeN tube smoker, lit it up and let the Grill come to temp.

    Once the grill was at 255F, I put the Butt on the center of the grate, inserted the temp probe, closed the lid and walked away!  Yep, just let her go, I did not peak, did not spritz, did not foil at 160F, did NOTHING until 12:30am when my temp probe said 200F.

    I pulled the butt off, wrapped in foil, then an old blanket, and into the cooler, and went to bed.  Got up at 8am....opened up the butt and it was still nice and warm...and pulled it apart.  The meat was SO tender and juicy and fall apart perfection, with a wonderful bark on the outside. Not to dark, not to hard..just perfect!

    So.....I just wanted to say that you can still make some damn good smoked pulled pork without the constant attendance, spritzing and putzing around.

    I was very happy with the outcome, and like I said, I did nothing to this hunk of meat this time as sort of an experiment to see what HANDS OFF would turn out, and I can honestly say it turned out great!!!

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    Congrats Dan!!!

    Sounds Great!!!

  3. Hey Bear! Good to see you!! :)

    Yeah..this was a "I JUST DON'T CARE" Pork Butt!  Kind of sad to say that, but I wasn't smoking for friends, or a party, or a holiday get together. Just felt like smoking up a butt for Sunday dinner. So like i said...Trimmed the fat, injected it, rubbed it and slapped it onto the GMG for a good 12 hours at 255F...and just let her go.  Came out to perfection, and I just didn't touch the darn thing at all.


    (few photos of the process....out of order...sorry)

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  4. It looks fantastic. There will definitely be a butt in my near future.
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    Looking good!!

    I have started using 250 also..seems like it has no effect at all!!

    Other than being finished a little sooner...

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    Nice, Dan...looks great!  Those pellet poopers make the "set it and forget it" cook a piece of cake.  I just ordered a pellet pit myself (Rec Tec).  Supposed to be here next week.

  7. Very nice I will be doing a 10 pound butt this weekend can't wait...
  8. I have been cooking my butts like that for a while now and everyone really seems to enjoy them. I personally like the flavor and texture a bit more then the foil method myself.

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