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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by mattyoc20, Dec 8, 2014.

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    So this batch of bacon i think i totally screwed up.  See original thread here

    I figured i would end up scrapping this batch and starting over but for giggles just went ahead and smoked it anyway.  I just got done smoking it for about 27 hours.  When i took it out of pops brine i noticed some green on it.   Now after smoking i am noticing orange color on my bacon.  Could this be because of the seasonings?  I put GP OP and Pepper on it.  I am hoping someone here will tell me im fine and to stop worrying but i am sure that is not the case here.  I guess what i am looking for here is for someone to say "oh yea it turned orange its definitely bad".  Anyone else have this issue before?  As always, thanks you guys for the help.  I would be even more lost if this forum wasn't here.
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    Your fine. Stop worrying.[​IMG]Sorry, I couldn't resist! I think you are O.K. but one of the more experienced bacon guys will be along shortly. Did it smell O.K. after the brine? I know cure burn can cause the green color but doesn't hurt anything. I used to work in a restaurant and occasionally would get a corned beef that was green.
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  3. Looking at the 2 posts, the bacon looks cured to me. Should be a pale color if there was no cure, but yours is nice and colorful. Sometimes there are "off" colors after pulling out of the brine, i've seen bluish/greenish when doin hams. Something to do with when it is contact with the bucket or something.

    The orange color looks like it could be smoker residue? in contact with the smoker grills maybe? Personally, I think you are overthinking it. Just my opinion though. If you are that concerned, cut a piece off and try a bit, or just throw it out and start a new batch.
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    Thanks for the replies guys im glad I didn't scrap it we will give it a go a see what happens

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