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    Ok, I have spent like 30 hours reading the forums and here is my plan.
    Right now I keep my brinkman bullet electric water smoker at the lake on my dock, set it up and then go fishing or boating for an hour or so and comeback and check on it, repeat, and so on. So I need low maintenance. It is to nice outside right now to start a building project, but I have 10 or 20 hungry people to feed many Friday and Saturday nights so I need to get through the summer with what I have. Eventually I want to explore cold smoking, but for now it will be ribs, butts(excuse me the new term is blade roasts?) chickens, ducks, and maybe an occasional striper or bluegill or cat.

    1) ordered the amaze pellets package #3 today to take care of my smoking inconsistency problems
    2) ordering a pid for my brinkman electric smoker element to help with my temp control problems unless you guys tell me otherwise
    3) going to go with something like the mailbox mod for now hooked up to my brinkman, bring the smoke in right above the water pan and spend the summer to practice a bit.
    4) when we get to fall, an college or nfl game on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon will be the time to build me a smokehouse
    5) from reading the forums I may have trouble keeping the smokehouse up to temp with the brinkman element so I will just use 2, while I have not called them yet it appears i could use the dual control auber to control 2 of the brinkman 1500 watt elements instead of heater and smoke generator since will be using the amaze for my smoke generation, not an electrician so this is where things get complicated for me.
    6) so what i am trying to do is improve what i can produce now, but leave myself in a position where i can use my recent purchase as i become better at this craft. Am I wrong based on my intended use profile to be only considering electric?

    Would appreciate comments.
  2. Sounds like a plan. Now when you get to the 2    1500 watt elementsThat will be a 25 amp draw. Let us know when you start the build.

    Happy smoken.

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    While I am not competent to do so I have some buddies that will check out the breakers and wires on my dock and replace what needs to be replaced if I need 2 elements to get up to temp.

    I am using about a 5 or 6 year old element so likely not getting the intended amount of heat from that right now anyway, from some other threads it may be that if I do not build the box to large and insulate it well and get a new element that one might be enough.

    Thanks mule69
  4. I would think that the age of your element should not make a differance as to heat out put.

    I don't know what size you are thinking about building.

    Yes good insulation will make any element work better. It will aslo make it possable to use a smaller element. Some people are using the element ot of an electric oven..

    Spend a little time looking at the smoke house builds on here. Remember the search bar at the top of any page is your friend.

    Happy smoken.

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    ok, what we have here is an aluminum can rack. the better of the pictures shows the entire rack, I am looking at using only the top portion because I don't believe the element would heat chamber if I used entire rack. I supose I could use entire rack if I used propane, I just do not babysit my cooking and probably need to stay electric. it is 32" tall, 32" deep and 22 wide. the corner posts are 1 1/4"sq and the bottom rack is 10" off ground while other 3 are 7 1/2" apart.

    So what I have in mind is this.

    1) cut the end of the can rack rollers off will just lay my expanded metal grates on the racks, will remove center rollers in case I have a large turkey or ham larger than my rack clearance.
    2) will through bolt side panels of plywood on all 4 sides to corner posts, seal with silicone
    3) using some angle will attach plywood floor to side panels.
    4) put durarock on floor
    5) brinksman 1500 watt element controlled by auber pid
    6) tile or durarock on walls in area where element is.
    6) seal all my joints with silicone
    7) so I have the element on the bottom
    a) easy way is just use the first rack for a water pan?
    b) put element on one end of floor, some angle about 2" above element and durarock with a couple inch gap at far end of chamber and another layer of durarock on first rack with gap on same side of chamber as element creating a reverse flow?
    c) put durarock on first rack and completely seal heating chamber and run a pipe into cooking chamber and put exhaust pipe low trying to create a vertical reverse flow?
    8) once I hear advice as to how to configure, where will my AMNPS go?
    9) I have no metal working skills, but could junk this and just build a more traditional wooden smokehouse that I have sufficient carpentry skills to do if this can rack smokehouse is just asking for trouble, or I could take to a friend who is welder if someone thinks that is better approach.
    10) intend to hinge roof to access cooking chamber.

    so, let me know if this has any chance. be gentle.

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