My PID Controller I just finished

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  1. Hey everyone I just finished this thing

    I hope to use this thread to help anyone who wants to build one, because when I was looking to build one there was not really any how to's. Fortunately im very mechanically inclined and have a strong grasp on electrical systems (i fix smashed up mercedes for a living) so I was able to figure it out as a went. Hopefully anyone thats interested in making these i can provide some insight into how its done.

    so heres a parts list, i think i got everything from amazon because im lazy

    -AGPtek® Dual Digital F/C PID Temperature Control Controller TA4-SSR With 2 Alarms (this model outputs dc voltage on pins 3 and 4 so connect the fan to this)

    Amico AC 10A 250V IEC320 C14 Inlet Module with Neon Lamp Rocker Switch and Fuse Holder (I used a computer power supply cable to plug into this, from the back of the outlet run the power to the switch, then from there to pins 1 and 2 and polarity doesn't matter)

    -The gray plate its all mounted to is a 6x6x6 outdoor waterproof junction box from home depot.

    -k type thermocouple (2 wire) this goes to pins 7 and 8
    Brushless DC Blower Fan 12V HT-07530D12 75x75x30mm 2pin Two ball bearing (this connects to pins 3 and 4) 
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  2. Looks good man  [​IMG]   PID controllers are cheap & easy to build yourself & really handy. Nice job  [​IMG]  
  3. 2010ultra

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    here is one i built out of the same controller. i put mine in a box and waterproofed it. im running a 10 cfm fan on 110 volt with an ssr.

  4. what are you running off the SSR?
  5. 2010ultra

    2010ultra Smoke Blower

    running the 110 volt fan for the firebox.
  6. ah, im just running a DC fan off the output for a SSR

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