My pellet grill has a blanky

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by muralboy, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. muralboy

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    After reading about some "experiments" about using welder blankets to insulate pellet grills, I decided to see if I could find a ready made thermal blanket that could work.

    Eureka! Green Mointain makes one for their Daniel Boone that worked great. Had to do a few cuts and relocated the holes for the handles but it worked like a charm.

    I smoked 4# of London broil for jerky and 6 racks of ribs this weekend. 10 hours of smoking at 160 deg and only used 6# of pellets. Used Perfect Mix from Cookin Pellets.

    Very happy with results
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  2. mowin

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    Yep. They work great.

  3. Still use a welders blanket when it's windy, the way my deck sits, it's like being in a wind tunnel at times. I keep my jacket on year 'round, not sure how much I save in pellets since that was never a concern as keeping temps steady.

  4. muralboy

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    That's a very well dressed grill you have there
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  6. smokinal

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    Nice job on the cover!!

    Man I'm glad I live in Florida!

    It's been cold down here this month, I can't imagine what you guys have to deal with up there to smoke something!

  7. ostrichsak

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    Where's the cheapest price for that Daniel Boone thermal blanket that you guys found?  My local shop was out of stock and I'm seeing prices near $100 at some online vendors.  Looks like has about the best shipped price I've seen at $77 total?  Anyone find better than that?  I need to get one for my new GMG DB WiFi model sooner than later.
  8. muralboy

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    That's a good price.  I found mine on eBay - $88 including shipping
  9. ostrichsak

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    After I posted that I looked at the site closer and there's a note that says 'Ships in 2-3 weeks' and I'm not waiting a month for a thermal blanket.  I'm going to my local Ace Hardware today as a little birdie told me they stock GMG parts and have the thermal blanket.  Maybe I can use one of my coupons on it and get it near the same price as the other places that sell it AND get it same day.  Win win.

    While I'm there I can pick up a couple longer bolts for the handle as I've read many complain that the thickness of the thermal blanket and the included handle bolts don't play nicely.
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  10. muralboy

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    you are correct on the need for longer bolts - good call.  Good luck.
  11. mowin

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    You shouldn't need longer bolts for your DB. Mine were plenty long enough... Get a couple magnets, one for each side of the handle. The corners of the blanket tend to flare out when you tighten the handle back down.

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