My no weld offset vertical build.

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by rokibass, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. My labor day cook. Ended up cooking 2 racks beef, 5 full spares, ABT's, and sausages. It runs a little on the hot side it really likes to cruise at 275. What a difference between my old Char-griller.

    Wood stove is great for pre warming my splits.

    built pretty much with crap I had around.

    It never would have come out this well without all the great info on this site, thanks.
  2. sqwib

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    Pics are a tad small but from what i see it looks awesome!

  3. These pictures should be better.

    Sorry I'm still learning how to post.

    My next project will be a food warmer conversion. Using charcoal and chunks like a uds. This way if I have time to babysit I'll use my stickburner if not I'll use my converted food warmer.

    Either way I can still enjoy some Q.

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