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  1. I just scored an old Frigidaire to start my second build. I built a smoker last fall and have been enjoying it immensely. However I didn't get to use it much over the summer because my wife and I bought a camper and spent much of the season at camp. I did a couple of smokes at home, but it was inconvenient to say the least. My first smoker is too big to move to camp so I decided to build a smaller one to leave at camp next season so I can play anytime. this unit will be perfect.

    It has some surface rust, but is solid with no rot. I can't wait to get rolling on it, however Deer season is here and I don't see much getting done till the end of season.

    It should be low cost because I can use my Auber Dual probe controller I'm using on my big smoker. I already have a spare Brinkman 1500 watt element. Can't wait. More pictures to follow when I get rolling on it.

    Does anyone have a ballpark age on the fridge looking at the ice box in pic 3? sort of curious.
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    Yes I do..... It's way, way older than me....
  3. I managed to find some time to take the door apart. I wasn't sure what I'd find with this thing.

    Here's what I found.

    The interior panel of the door was attached with rubber J-channel. It was filled with some nasty looking fiberglass. The latch mechanism is solidly attached and still works. The bottom of the door was rusty, but not cancerous. Another winter of sitting on the ground would have killed it. I got to it just in time.

    I've got enough stainless to make another door liner just have to track someone down with a brake to do some bending for me. A friend has brokered a deal with his boss for enough Roxul to re-insulate it in exchange for some smoked goodies.

    I'm planning on using the freezer compartment to make a weather resistant housing for my controller when I take it out.

    I haven't decided to top or side mount it on the smoker yet. One step closer.
  4. Well, after a longer than expected wait to get my sheet metal cut and bent, things happened fast. My friend brought the metal to camp. I don't have a garage so I just finished the build at camp.

    I started with the tub trying to figure the best way to plug holes and where to put the shelf brackets.

    I found the perfect shelf brackets for me.

    I decided to use stainless to cover the access hole and to make it easier to install the exhaust.

    I put the new door liner on. The test fit the door and tried the original latch which works great.

    Dry fit the tub so I could get the measurements for the intake and exhaust.

    Then everything came apart for paint and insulation.

    The factory badge is in great shape for a 1939 refrigerator.

    The door was the worst, but glazing putty took care of the pitting.

    I suffer from CRS Syndrome so this helps

    It looked like this the Friday of Labor day weekend.

    The next day it's starting to look like a smoker.

    YES!!!! IT LIVES!!! Ran it through a couple seasoning cycles. I'm using my Auber 1800 watt plug n play controller Still have to put in acess for my probes through the back. For now down the stack works

    I discovered gas grill grates fit perfectly! I only had a couple for the first smoke, so I used Dowels to hold my mesh trays.

    24 hours after the initial seasoning it was time for the ultimate test. We had a Snackfest at camp planned for Saturday so a week before I stuck my neck out promising ABT's and Moink Balls. Didn't even start the smoker rebuild. However there was nothing to worry about. It was a huge success.

    The Following weekend I did chicken thighs and bacon wrapped venison backstrap.

    The next week I had my wife help with ABT's. I also Spatckcocked an 11 pound turkey and a 6 pound breast for the gang at camp. 

     Getting close.

    Last Saturday it was Ribs and Cheesy twice baked potatoes

    I think I'm in love. This is going to be very handy. My other build works great, but is three times the size. This is prefect for small cooks.
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  5. Great looking build. I have the same fridge (1939 Frigidaire) that I am just starting to tear into and do exact set up. What temps are you able to reach with your current heating element? I am debating on the brinkman style or going with a finned strip heater?

    Also wondering where you got the racks from? 
  6. Thanks Meat Sweats. I got your PM so I'm going to try to answer your questions here.

    Yes there was tar in the tub. I softened it some with a propane torch then scraped followed with brake cleaner. washed, dried and gave the inside a coat of hi temp paint to seal up any leftover. the outside case doesn't get hot so I don't think it'll be a problem.

    There was a 1/2" lip all around the door when I took the rubber off. I just had the stainless bent to match. I drilled holes to match the holes in the door skin. Insulated with Ruxul, sealed the edge with high temp silicone and used SS sheet metal screws to attach. The Stainless was fairly heavy gauge. I'm guessing 12 or so. It was free from a friend. I also used SS to replace the plastic that holds the tub in.

    Yes, I cut a hole in the liner for the latch with my Dremel and cut off wheels.

    Door seal is 5/8" round fiberglass. I used hi temp silicone to attach it around the inner lip of the door.

    I used 2" black iron for the exhaust. I used a floor flange with the pipe screwed in backwards to attach it to the smoker then to a Tee up with an 18" piece with another Tee to keep out the rain. I also put a short piece and cap on the bottom to catch any drips. I used 1-1/4" pipe for the intake. I've got a couple ball valves coming from a friend to control the intake air.

    The shelves are salvage from old gas grills. 12-1/2"x 24" fit perfectly.

    Yes the Heating element plugs into the controller. I've only had it to 275 degrees so far. Got there in less than  20 minutes. It should easily get to 325-250.

    I'll get more pictures when I get back to camp this weekend showing the door seal, intake and exhaust.
  7. Thanks for the update Doubles Shooter. I was in Duluth,MN  last week and heading to U.P. MI this week so my build is on hold. I'm hoping once I remove the compressor and lines it will lighten the load a bit. That's a heavy SOB when trying to move by yourself.

    Have you had any issues with ash or the AMNPS staying lit? I am considering doing the mailbox mod and storing it underneath where the compressor is. 

    Does anybody know where to find the Brinkman heating element?? Everybody and their brother stopped selling them since Brinkman went under.. Smokey mountain sells one but I don't think that will cut the cheese for power? 

    -Meat Sweats
  8. I've had no problems with the AMNPS. I have a 1-1/4" air inlet behind it.

    I bought my last elements from ebay, but they're no longer available. When my Spare's die, I'll probably go with a strip heater.
  9. Awesome looking build DS!
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    That fridge looks about like mine,,, Mine was stamped on the back wall 1935,,,Love my fridge build

    Yours looks great, Nice job 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  11. Doubles Shooter,

    Just wondering what you did with the wood pieces behind the door latch and longer piece that acts as a support for the bottom of the tub that was sitting in-between the fiberglass?  Also wondering what you found to patch the holes after removing the rack support bolts?


  12. Sorry it took so long getting back to you. Closing camp and Deer season got in the way. As far as the wood block, I left it in. I packed Roxul all around it and don't see it being a problem. As far as the bottom support, I didn't put anything in. The SS strips that attach the liner to the outer shell provide more than enough support.

    Also I got a couple pics of the door gasket and intake/exhaust.

    I used a pipe flange backwards to install the exhaust stack.

    Same with the fresh air intakes.

    The smoker has been getting quite a workout since it went on line. I brought it home from camp to use because it's much better size for small smokes compared to my first build.

    Also, I just got a lead on another old fridge of similar vintage. Got to check it out after Deer season.
  13. Thanks driedstick. I wasn't sure of my date till I found a tag with 6-39 on the bottom frame.
  14. Thanks.

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