My New Smoker - 2 Rack Reverse Flow w/ Vertical Smoker/Warmer Box Trailer Mounted

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by jdsmith, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. jdsmith

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    It's been a few years since I've posted on here.  I've still been smoking, but not a ton.  I've always said I wanted a pull behind trailer mounted smoker some day.  Well, I finally pulled the trigger and bought one. 

    I found a builder out of Snead, Alabama that goes by the name "Black Warrior Smokers".  The only place I could find them was on Facebook.  I chatted them up a few times thru FB, and decided I wanted to buy one.  So last Sunday, my wife told me she had an uncle coming up from Florida who could pick it up for me, but only if they could have it done by Thursday.  I called them and they said they could make it happen!  Turns out, they actually had it done by Wednesday at 3 pm. 

    I got it back to Iowa on Thursday afternoon and seasoned it up and on Saturday I threw a bunch of stuff on and did a smoke for about 20 friends.  Was kind of a ballsy move since it was my trial run, but I figured what the heck.  Everything turned out great.  It's gonna be a great summer full of smokey goodness.  The 2 racks of baby backs I'm doing tomorrow are gonna look pretty lonely on there.

    So far, I'm pretty darn satisfied with the rig.  The price was half or less than anything else I could find new.  I kinda wish I would have bucked up and paid the extra for the counterweight for the lid.  The thing is a beast!  All together, it weighs 1,375 pounds.  The furthest north they had sold one before me was Louisville, Kentucky.  I moved that line quite a ways north to SE Iowa.

    I am thinking I need to name it.  My first thought that came to mind was "Black Betty".  Figured I better get my mom's permission first if I do, since Betty is her name, LOL.  Also, I got a buddy who is getting into pinstriping.  We've talked about what we might be able to do to it.  Would probably have to stick with just doing the trailer if we did.

  2. wichita chief

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    Real nice!! Looking at all that food gives me a bug to want to smoke this weekend! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. bigsamosb

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    Hello, I'm new to the group, but a long time follower. I wanted to ask you how is the smoker holding up? Have you had any problems, and how is the customer service at Black Warrior Smokers?


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