My new project, I need some advice.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dfr2923, May 23, 2010.

  1. I got this for $50 yesterday at a restaurant auction, I got it back to my shop plugged it in and it actually works, it is a warmer food transport, with wheels and all. It appears to get up to 225 degrees, I ran it for about 15 minutes and it was up to 180, it is 1900 watts fan forced. My question is does anyone have any advice for racks in here online, or any good ideas for a vent? Other than that I am am going to put a smoke generator on the side. I have an old commercial fridge with a PID controller on it but I think for now I am going to run the thermostat that is on it. Just wanted to show my find and see if anyone had any good advice for me. Thanks
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    Thats a great score congrats. Personally I'd make grates out of some 3/4 or 1" square tubing and tack expanded metal to the top of them.
  3. smokingohiobutcher

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    I got the perfect place to find racks. I found racks for my doughnut transporting box and they work great and are pretty reasonable.
    Heres the link
    They have all kinds of racks that should fit. I got the ones on the link...I like the double direction wires because it holds more delicate meat like meatloaf and such.
    Hope this helps.
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    I have been looking for one of those myself. I like the moving air part.

    I found a stainless flange off of a gas grill and used 3" aluminum dryer duct for a stack.

    Put a homemade smoke generator on mine, works great.

    Keep us updated on the build, I am interested on the air movement.

    There should be a brand name on the unit, they may have racks available on the internet. Or a local restaurant equipment reseller.
  5. Measured it today and the trays are about 18 inches I think I will probably order something from foodservice wharehouse.  Do you guys think the fan forced will be good or bad.  I make alot of jerky and deer sticks I think it will be good for that, but Im worried it will dry out other things, what do you guys think?  Thanks for all the help I'll be sure to keep you all updated when I get working on it.
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    This is what I thought I may do with the next set of shelves I make.

    My plan is to make my shelves about 18 to 20 inch's wide. From Number 9, 3/4", flat stainless expanded.

    I all ready have a hyd press brake that I can make a jig for to create the crease, and my bench brake would bent the front and rear lip.

    My thought is that I will not have a crease from front to back only side to side. The shelves will sit on slides just like the ones you have pictured.

    They will have a 3/16" stainless rod welded to the bottom of each side of the shelf. This will give it strength from front to back along with acting as another guide while going in and out.

    My thoughts are why leave the door open while I am moving meat around and loose all my heat. I plan to build myself a small cart just bigger then the shelf. That way I can open the door, pull the shelf and set it on the cart, and shut the door. Do what I gotta do and return the shelf to the smoker. With out the extra weight of a clunky frame.

    Some people say I am a little off, some say I am a little smoker crazy, but I figure who cares. When I smoke I want someone to check out my stuff and say WOW I never saw anything like that before. Plus the thinner the shelf the more room there is inside.

    I honestly cant see a reason that stainless expanded would have any problems supporting a fair amount of weight over 18 inch's but that's just me.
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    Man that will make a sweet smoker for sure.
  8. walle

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    DFR - I suppose if the fan runs constantly, it MIGHT dry something out.  If it just runs to get you up to temp, then shuts off until you reach your ramp/soak, you will be fine.  That's how my smoker works - converted Stokermatic coal stoker.  When the PID calls for heat, it runs both fan to ignite/burn the fuel, and the auger to feed more fuel.  I've never had any issues with anything drying out, and have never used a water pan.
  9. dcscuz

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    What a deal! That set up has a ton of potential. The wheels in my head are turning, that could be a multipurpose smoking rig with the smoke generator addition.
  10. nickelmore

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    Don't worry what other think you are normal they are just a little off base.    I like the idea of a fan, it helps move the smoke around and helps with evening out the heat.   If it is a DC fan you can control the speed of it as well, you don't need a whole bunch of air moving.

    those shelves are perfect for hanging sausage and snack sticks,

    Keep us posted on the project,
  11. rgacat

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    Love to find box like that what a smoker it will be for you. Keep the photos coming.[​IMG]

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