My new pit/smokehouse/offset firebox design

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    Hi everyone! 

    I'm a longtime lurker and smoking enthusiast.  I recently left my job to take on cooking barbecue as a career.  I found a tavern that wanted to add food and had a 10x10 space I could have outside.  I wanted to do brisket so I needed a smoker design that could continue to feed sticks for a 12 hour cook.  I came up with this then: a design based on a southern pit topped with wood house smoker. I put the firebox in offset because I did not have space for another open pit.

    Here was the original design in Sketchup.  The unit is 106" tall in the front.  The main box is 40"x40"

    pit frame before adding split firebrick. you can see the pipe used.  This design is mortared with sand and mud so I can take it apart later for the final installation.

    Here it is finished in my back yard. I decided not to cut the vent but instead let it flow out the rafters. I found out later I lose a LOT of heat when I do that and now plug them with 2x4s plugging most of the space except for maybe 4".

    This is what it looks like during a cook.

    You can imagine the rest I expect. Expanded steel bolted to rebar is used at three levels inside. I created a heat diffuser just above the pipe in the box.  It is again expanded steel with a thick pile of lava rock with an iron wok in the middle to hold the water.

    I need to solution to control airflow in. Right now you see a sheet pan that I use. I'd like a big piece of iron, but might have to settle for aluminum because I can buy that at Lowe's.

    Here's the obligatory product shot. Brisket at 11 hours. Cutting the flat at the seam with the deckel.

    I am real happy with the product and I welcome any feedback!
  2. Really nice smoker!

    I am thinking about modifying mine to be like yours since i had some trouble with mine.

    I would like to know, what Kind of heat do you use in your smoker? Wood? Charcoal? Propane? Do you only put the heat source in the small box right next to your smoker?

    Can you increase the temperature high enough to cook pulled pork and ribs?


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