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  1. i'm using my brinkmann smg for the first time today. i did the curing thing yesterday.  today i'm trying to do ribs.  i had 3 holes drilled in the charcoal pan in advance, and it should have been many more. i have what i think is a grill wok, so i'm going to see if it will fit instead, next time.  i have a digital probe thermometer on the top rack and i'm at the 3 hour mark on the ribs and i know they are not up to 180-190 yet.  but i've had the door open putting in charcoal.  it is obnoxious to try to put charcoal into that little bitty door, by the way.  the dome thermometer, that people say is not accurate, has stayed in the ideal range, except close to the hour mark when i have to put in more charcoal.  i've tried putting in pieces that i have poured on lighter fluid on them to get the fire going better.  the book said not to use matchlight but i think matchlight would do better??  since i'm having to boost my fire anyway.  i have ribs on both the bottom and top grates, and i wanted to turn them over to baste with more chipotle sauce, and i had to set the top grate over somewhere else. all these things take your cooking temperature down and increase time.  i read somewhere that the top grate didnt have much difference in temp compared to the bottom grate but my bottom ones looked more done.  i have the thermometer stuck in the top one.

    just checked them.  i think the digital one may have even said 170 something at first. i took the top off to try to check them with my regular meat therm and it took forever so i quit that. i swapped the ones on the top to the bottom, and tried to tear off a bite. i could only tear a corner so i know they are not falling apart yet.  put more charcoal in and temp is going up again.  gonna wait another hour.  i've had the door open alot and the top off twice in the three hours.
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    You need to do more mods. That door is a pain. I removed the legs, then moved 3 concrete blocks together. The fire pan fits right in place. When it is time for more coals, lift the entire smoker off the blocks and there is easy access to the fire pan. No lighter fluid or match light. Get yourself a Chimney starter.


     You cannot check ribs by temperature. To easy to hit a bone. Do by time. 3-2-1 or a modified 3-2-1 does it every time.

    I agree it is a pain if you must use both grate. That's the reason I finally got my GOSM model with front door and slide out racks.  I have found the top grate does get hotter. (Hot air rises and is trapped by the dome.) Keep an eye on your temp gauge. I found mine was off by -65º.

     With the mods I did, I can reach 450º in this old 30+ year old ECB.
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    Definitely a learning process. I remember my first slab of ribs, super tough, second slab fell apart to much time. If you think you got enough smoke on them then go ahead and cheat. Throw them in the oven at 250 wrapped in foil and your sauce. And yes you gotta have a chimney starter. 


    Been smoking for about 4 years and I'm still learning
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    I agreed 100%  

    Not only for better heat control, but overall taste. I would rub two sticks together before I would use lighter fluid to get the fire going better during a cook. I use a turkey fryer burner with my chimney starter. It fast and I not adding lighter fluid taste or coal taste from unlit charcoal, to my food. The only thing I use lighter fluid for is starting a fire in the fire pit. 
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    Lighter Fluid and Matchlight is used by some to get started but will really add a nasty Kerosene flavor to your meat...You don't want a Fire to smoke with, the Temps can get too high and there can be big temperature swings. Get a Chimney Starter...Load it up with Regular Briquettes or Natural Charcoal, burns hotter, 1Tbs of Veg oil on 2 sheets of Newspaper in the bottom and Light it up...15-20 minutes and you are good to go...No nasty Smell or Taste and Way Cheaper than that Matchlight Stuff...Check out this thread it should benefit you greatly...JJ
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