My new baby! Klose 20×48

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by jamesoh79, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. I found a used Klose smoker 2 weeks ago on Craigslist. Been looking around for a while. Wanted to upgrade from my Brinkman Trailmaster Limited. Guy was only 30 mins away. And had to jump on it. Klose was in great condition. It also had the 1/2 inch steel firebox. Which is great for the cold michigan winters. He also had the extra racks for the inside smoking chamber. Left a deposit and finally picked it up last Sunday.

    Been working on her all last week. Sanded the whole smoker down. And cleaned it. And put on 4 layers of high heat bbq paint.

    I also ordered 2 River County thermometers. Really want to fire her up. But I promised myself to wait until she's perfect. Getting there.
  2. Congrats that's a serious barbecue machine, good work.  Never any Klose on craigslist in my area.
  3. smokinal

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    Nice score!

  4. Thanks. The only issue I have is drilling the 2 holes for the thermometers. I just got the River County ones. But I need to drill a 13/16 hole!!! Couldnt find that drill bit size anywhere. So ordered one of Amazon. Any advice on how to drill those holes????
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    Nice looking pit!

    Drill a small pilot hole first. Then drill your bigger hole. Use some thin oil as lubricant. For a hole that big I'd use a 1/2" corded drill and not a cordless.
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    Wow that is a nice upgrade! You done and awesome job cleaning it all up.
    Can't wait to see your first cook and thoughts.
  7. They sell a step bit at Harbor Freight there like 18 dollars there shaped like a cone. That's what I use.
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    Congrats on your new smoker! 

  9. big k-dawg

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    Great job James! A beautiful pit that should yield fantastic meats for years to come!:)
  10. If you're going with a bit that size, drill a pilot (as mentioned above ) and step up a with smaller bits as you go. Nice cooker!
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    How many people just went to their local Craigslist and searched for Klose !  Congrats!
  12. jamesw

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    Nice machine.
  13. It'd a big bit!

    Thanks for all the input. That 13/16 drill bit finally came yesterday. Took forever. As some members stated. I plan on starting small and keep moving up. I've got alot of smaller drill bits. But also picked up a 1/2 drill bit to make the process go smoother.

    Plan on drilling out the holes tomorrow. And will fire her up for the first time Sunday morning. I plan on doing just a couple of ribs to test the smoker out. Gotta figure out the right amount of charcoal/firewood combo. Air vents etc. Promise to post pics Sunday!

    Thanks for all the help.

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