My Murphy's Law 2014 Thanksgiving smoke with Q view.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sprky, Nov 27, 2014.

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    First off PLEASE excuse my typos and grammar, I'm running on about 2 hours sleep, and that wasn't in bed, so I'm kinda brain dead. ​
    I started this smoke at 8:00 Am on 11/26/14. I was smoking 2 turkeys 1- 18# and 1- 21#. They went into the brine on 11/22/14 mid afternoon. The brine was my Honey brine I used last Christmas that everyone raved about. Murphy's law struck when I went to fire up the smoker. The burner would not light even with a match. I figure the tube is blocked with some bug that got in there when the cold hit. No such luck all was clear. Test hose not out put, tap regulator I get intermittent gas, naturally regulator is bad. So off to Lowe's to get new one. get every thing back to gather its now 10:00. get smoker fired up to preheat. While smoker is preheating I get the 18 # out of brine, and smoke tube lit. We had winds of 25+ mph so it took an hour to get it preheated, with rigging a wind block. Put turkey in smoker with my 12" Amazing smoke tube putting out TBS. Smoker temp dropped to 175 putting the turkey in, that wind just sucked the heat out. I normally smoke around the 250 range, but with the wind I was struggling to maintain 225. So I knew right then and there this was going to be a LONG smoke. The 18 # came out of the smoker at 8:30 PM. 21# goes in at 9:00 PM. Sometime between 9:00 and 11:00 I run out of gas. I didn't know I had no flame as I didn't reset the alarm on my 732 from the 18# coming to temp, and wasn't in the same room as the 732 receiver. Smoker is ice cold so it had been awhile. Switch tanks, and refill smoke tube. Some time after 3:30 I dozed off in computer chair, as that was when I refilled the smoke tube again. I was woke up to the 732 alarm going off at 6:00 AM for low temp. Somehow I lost my flame, the smoker fired right back up but with safety activated, reset tank and all is good. The 21# came out of the smoker at 10:45 AM. Even with all the glitches the turkeys were done in time for dinner, and the results were GREAT. 
    Now for the Q view​

                           18 #                                                                                                          21#

    Sorry there are no pics of the carved turkeys with the spread but there was just too much going on and to be honest I totally spaced taking any. If you look closely you can see juices on the cutting board and cookie sheet, that's how juicy these birds were. The 21# had more smoke flavor. I believe that is due to when I lost the flame it was essentially cold smoking, and soaked up more smoke.

    Hope you all enjoy this post.
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    Good to see you posting again sprky....Glad every thing worked out. The birds looks great........................[​IMG]
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    Dang son. Looks good
  4. b-one

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    Great looking birds!
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice  Turkeys , Sparky , my boy... I understand the busy and no sleep , been there.

    When Murphy visits , pull out the Yankee ingenuity [​IMG]   I know , you're a Husker , but ...

    Good to hear from you . . .
  6. sprky

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    Thanks Guys. I'd LOVE to be able to post more but I'm working 2 jobs and with the family I don't get much free time to hang on the computer. I do pop in now and then to keep up with things/ look something up. Worst thing about working 2 jobs is I Don't get much time to smoke anything which I HATE but sometimes ya gotta do stuff ya hate. BTW Oldschool I'm not a Husker I'm a Wildcat, and a DIE HARD Cheese head.......LOL
  7. oldschoolbbq

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    So , you like Squeekrs[​IMG]  Cheese Curds..... , love them , and haven't been the Cheeseland in a long time...LOL
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