My Mexican Son Bean's 25th.........;}-

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by oldschoolbbq, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. oldschoolbbq

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    [​IMG]My "gonna be " Son - in - law had his Birthday today(yesterday was his day , but we couldnot do it then , so he's not an April Fool [​IMG]  .[​IMG]  .BUT the story isn't over...

    First , we decided to do my Fajitas for him (Mexican remember / but can't speak a word of it---I love to pick on him and he not know[​IMG]

    had some left from last Summer's Fajitas cook ( this stuff won't go bad...better than Twinkies) , got some Chicken Breast and put them in the "SOP" ( you Texas guys know what that is ) for 24hrs. I had split them , they were big Breasties and had to cut the time so they come out pretty much together ( timing is good ) with the Tortillas the gals were doing.

    I had made 2 batches of Pico de Gallo (these Yankees have a soft Palate ) and in the hot one I put 3 big Chiles and when I tasted it , absolutly no heat [​IMG]  , probably those research no heat Jalapenos , and I felt like an Adrinaline rush today and was gonna smoke Bean's tongue .

    O.K. here's the Q-view of the party , with comments , and it's family friendly , so...


    Here's the Fajita meat in my famous "SOP"...


    onto the Grill with a chunk of Hickory................


    let them scortch a bit (tasty), 1st. turn , remember ,turn them once per side , you get more carmelization.............


    Opps , I hope I didn't scare anyone[​IMG]............


    Bean , my "adopted" Mexican Hijo ( son).....................


    and My Son ,Jr.         He was showing his 'age' and I told him this was a 'Family Forum'.

     The rest I'll post in another thread.

    Thanks for looking...........

    Stan      aka      oldschool  ;}-

    Have fun and......
  2. chefrob

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    looks the look on Jr.'s face!
  3. jalan43

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    Food looks great! Happy Birthday to the boy! Did you get him a tonka truck or a matchbox for his birthday?
  4. scarbelly

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    Looks like a fun day Stan 
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Jalan, Uhhh , I'm not really sure what his Fiance' gave him , but we got him D-runk , I swear he was so looped I thought I heard him speaking in Spanish[​IMG].

    Sarah came out and slamed him with a fake cake [​IMG]  , and frosted his face.

    Rob , you have no idea...they put him his Jean jacket for 30 days.......

    Yeah , Belly. We had a great time and spent the day as the whole inner Family for a fun loving day. Thanks all for looking ,

    have fun and..............
  6. jalan43

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    What a great family day! Days like that will be remembered always! You are a lucky man.....
  7. frosty

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    Nicely done Stan!!!  That looks like some seriously food addicted family.  Looks like a great time.  Outstanding Q-view.[​IMG]

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