My Masterbuilt 30" mods

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  1. Upon buying this smoker I searched high and low for what people do to modify these. There really isnt much info out there so I hope this post will add to that.

    Issue #1, the chip tray

    Everyone has a different way of dealing with this, heres mine.

    I left the stock chip tray in there and used the stock water pan as my new chip tray, only been using chunks.

    Issue #2, the water pan

    My first smoke on this thing the waterpan would run dry almost every hour, so I went to walmart and got a 13x9-2in deep pan (you can see in the pic above). It slides in (with some force needed) on the stock rails with no mods needed, and still pulls out enough to refill during smoking only opening the bottom door.

    Issue #3, Insulation

    Went to home depot, bought some Hardibacker board 1/4" thick. Cut it up, stuffed it in.

    why did I do this? why not! Actually living in new england the weather is only gonna get colder by the day and I wanna play with this thing year round(as much as possible).

    onto the door....

    thats the nomex gasket 

    Issue #4, Temp Regulation

    no pics of this yet but I bought this from amazon. It's the Bayou Classic M5HPR Regulator Assembly to replace the stock assembly(just gonna swap in the stock regularor

    Im still planning on adding the Master Forge smoke stack and adding wheels of sorts.

    This thing makes some great BBQ, the mods have defiantly helped.

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  3. Which Bayou classic regulator / needle valve is the one to get?   The 0-30 PSI Adjustable one M5HPR-30 or the 10PSI one M5HPR-1?



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