My maiden smokin' event!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bsrbbq, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I'm excited!  I ordered all the ingredients for my first smoke on Friday.  Starting out with 8 butts on this first run.  We'll have fresh smoked meat at BSR for $6.75 plus tax on Saturday and Sunday (includes sandwich on bun or a pile of pulled meat, fries, chips or potato salad, beans, slaw & a pickle spear).  Is that too cheap?  If so, sound off!  I'm planning to start around 10 AM on Friday.  Hickory and Oak both stacked and ready to burn.  Will post pics on Saturday morning.

  2. sqwib

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    Keep us posted and good luck.
  3. kathrynn

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      Good Luck!  Knock 'em Dead!  

  4. My 8 butts are in the smoker as of 10 AM central this morning.  Two butts near the flue not in pans, just on the grate one fat up, one fat down.  I put the other 6 in pans some fat up some fat down.  I covered the pans with foil and make like a smoke alley by doming up the foil with openings on each end.  Looks like one of those old barns with the breezeway at the top... Excited to see how it turns out.   I took a couple pictures but I don't see a way to find the pictures on my pc.  Anyone know how to do that?
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    check your "recent documents" to see where they went....or check in in your downloaded files....or possible check in Picture Manager.

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    ONLY starting with 8 butts huh?  LOL  ... That's jumping in to the deep end of the pool.    Good luck i'm sure you'll do great!
  7. Yep, just 8.  Thanks!  It's to be served at my restaurant this weekend.  I've got locals smelling it already and wanting to know when it's going to be ready.  They are already coming in asking what we're having tomorrow.  :)
  8. kathrynn

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    Keep showing the q-views!  You will do great!  Know you will sell it all!  

  9. Hiya, your set up looks great, good luck with the event.  Can I ask what is a 'BSR' ?
  10. Thanks, Gary.  BSR is the acronym I and many locals use in reference to my restaurant.  BSR = Bee Spring Restaurant.  :)  Bee Spring is a small farming community where I grew up in south central KY.  For years, when the phone was answered, since there are no other restaurants around, one would usually just hear, "RESTurnt".  Funny story if you have time.  When I graduated college, I met my room mate's sister.  She works for one of the larger food distributors in this region - based in Lebanon TN.  She asked where I grew up.  When she heard Bee Spring, her eyes flew wide open and she said.  Oh my gosh.  I have a customer in Bee Spring and you when you call, they just answer the phone as "RESTurnt!".  I rolled.
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    That looks great!  Your customers are gonna eat good today!

  13. Great story, it's nice when something like that happens, it's a small world!  The food looks delicious.


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