My idea.... want yalls thoughts.

Discussion in 'Brick Smokers' started by jaxflsmoker, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. jaxflsmoker

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    So.... I'm not very experienced with smoking, I've done it half a dozen times, all on a bullet smoker a buddy game me, I've had good results though. I'm also very inexperienced with building things, especially with brick... very as in never done it. I have plenty of space in my yard so I want to build a smoker/Grill combo. My IDEA is to have a grill with fuel compartment below, and an offset smoker fuel compartment to the side.

    I want to know A) if this is plausible, B) a good idea and C) needed....

    I should be getting help from my buddies dad who is very experienced in general construction and has built a brick grill. I also would prefer to avoid laying cement in my yard if possible.

    I will listen to all constructive (no pun intended) criticism.
  2. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Welcome Jax.

    a)  Do you want a permanent smoker on the ground? (permanent residence)

    b)  Its a great investment if you enjoy smoking!

    c)  Nobody needs, they want and is a hobby or purpose for Family or Friends.

    d)  Check building codes, does smoke disturb neighbors? (city)

    e)  Your last statement says, "I also would prefer to avoid laying cement in my yard if possible." how does this work with the brick idea?

    f)   I never set a brick in my life, I was self taught by pointed tips by masons, Mr. Walter.

    g)  I spent the winter months investigating my new talent to be, "brick" and  I have succeeded.

    h)  This will take considerable amount of time depending on your build.

    Do not be discouraged with a dream smoker, just cover all aspects to cover your butt then plug away.  

    Here is a couple of pics of mine. I did footings in the fall of 2014, Steel work in winter of '14-'15 and Bricked all in '16 June-August in spare time.

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  3. jaxflsmoker

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    Good questions, I'll answer in order as best I can, but first a little clarification. When I ask if it was needed I mean the design idea of an offset compartment for the smoker fuel box.

    A) As for permanent or not.... I dunno. I own my own home but plan to either buy a second home or sell my current house. So I need to keep in mind how future buyers might view it.

    D) I'm not worried about building code..... and no smoke won't bother tge neighbors, I have bonfires all the time, even had fire rescue respond to something down the street from me and never heard a peep.

    E) I dunno about laying a base... if it necessary I guess I will, I would prefer not to. That's a question for you guy. Is it a must?

    I like your build, it's a bit bigger and more involved than I was initially anticipated, but it in nice. I'm hoping to be completed in 2 weekends of work.... not sure it's possible but I'm gonna try.
  4. halfsmoked

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    You definitely need a foundation or footer to lay your brick on I think your idea will work if you have the right calculation to draft for the smoker.
  5. bauchjw

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    If you're worried about resale I wouldn't pull the trigger. I've heard outdoor kitchens increase value, but I suspect that's if they are set up a certain way and match style of home. What you are talking about sounds like particular taste to people on this forum or you. Maybe spend the money on an upgraded and more portable offset smoker to practice on instead and see if the passion sticks and grows. After a few years if you decide/move in a forever home you'll have a better idea of what you want and won't have concern over resale value.

    Not to be negative, but it's not a cheap investment to build even as a DIY and it sounds like you are hesitant.
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  6. halfsmoked

    halfsmoked Master of the Pit Group Lead

    [​IMG]   lot of work and a costly project..
  7. jaxflsmoker

    jaxflsmoker Newbie

    On the contrary I'm not hesitant at all... maybe I should be but... meh. I think the appeal will go with the house, I have a 1950's brick home with a 5000 sqft back yard. I plan to to it to where it seems a natural fit. That is why I am picking red brick, it matches the house.
  8. wes w

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    Good evening.   

    First off.   Do you want the best of anything smoked that money can buy?   Any meat smoked over fire and smoke can't be matched by anything, period.    Wood heat and smoke give a flavor like none other.

    Nothing to do with a brick smoker can be built in a couple weekends.   It took me a complete summer to build my smoker setup.   I did do the work myself that saved me major funds.   I had the brick.  I only had to buy mortar and sand to lay them with.

    Yes, you do need a footing.   My smoker and fireplace probably weighs around 3 ton.   I put a 13in footing under it.   

    A brick smoker will last you a lifetime.  It doesn't rust, it doesn't burn out.   It will never have to be replaced.

    Anyone can lay brick.   Its dirty hard work.   If you can do that, you can lay brick.

    Here is my set up.   I do have a thread of the complete build here.    Jim has an awesome grill on his smoker.   Awesome idea.   I offset brick in my fireplace for a grill rack.

    Tons of good folks here who are willing to help.    If you have questions, please ask.

  9. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Way to follow up Wes! You are the man and I will always look up to your opinion and experience!!!

    Good evening Wes.
  10. Jim Williams, what is going on with that side firebox in the first picture you are showing?  Is that and offset fire for the smoke box portion?
  11. I researched and built what you are talking about.  Take a look at my thread.  Plans are attached. 

    The smoker works great and the grill has been getting plenty of use as well.  Some ribeyes are going on in an hour.  :)

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  12. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Good afternoon Chris,

    My intention were to follow Mr. Walters design and after starting the build it was getting to tall for my area. I had decided to take the bottom (hot box) out to lower the height of the build. Therefore, decided to build a smoker/grill with the option of cutting a hole through the side of the grill to the vertical smoker. Creating an offset smoker.

    This option gave me an open door to cold smoke, smoke burgers, salmon and many "quick" meals as well as many options without the height.

    Thanks for your interest and enjoy your build!
  13. krabby patties

    krabby patties Smoke Blower

    You can cut down your footprint and expense by going vertical. I would change a few things if I were doing it again. I just kind of stumbled upon all the brick and started putting it together without much thought.

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  14. jaxflsmoker

    jaxflsmoker Newbie

    Ok, so an update.... I took y'alls advice. Seeing as I'm not sure I'll be here past 3 more years, I purchased a Masterbuilt Duel Fuel Vertical Smoker today. I may still build my dream smoker, but I'm doing lots of cookouts in a public place so this is something I can move around.

    Scottpatch.... that is exactly what I want. Couple questions, how long did it take you to build? Ball park cost? Would it be possible to build in stages, starting with the grill, then proceed to the table, then add the smoker as I get the time/money?

    Thank you all for your input. Now that I have a smoker that is a bit more reliable I'll be smoking a lot more. As a matter of fact I've got a couple of chicken thighs in there now.
  15. Hey Jax,  It took a skilled mason/ hardscape friend about 3 weeks to build it.  A few days longer if you counted the time to lay the slab and let it cure.  At one point, I had the intention to do it myself, but after watching and helping someone that knew what they were doing, I'm not sure I (a former Marine/car salesman) could have done it, and if I did, it would have taken 3X as long and be half the quality!! 

    I would say I have a @ $3000 in materials in the project.  Of that, @ $600 is the stone veneer facing that is just superficial to make it look nice in the yard and keep the wife happy.  The materials would be somewhat less in other parts of the country.  Always amazes me what materials cost here on the east coast compared to say my days in Texas or Las Vegas.  

    There is no reason it couldn't be built in stages, although I would think it would be best for the slab to be laid for the whole project if the plan it to do the other half at a later date.  I recommend to smoker first....Can always get a cheap grill, but a cheap smoker makes for a lot of work!!

    I hope it works out for you...

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