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  1. finally found the time to start the "pre use" mods on my new gourmet ecb.

    i have started at the bottom, so this post is about modding the base.

    none of the mods are my ideas, they are from different sites around the internet, but i have

    added my own tweaks to them.

    i have always thought that the gourmet was a bit low, and looked top heavy, so i have added some legs, with a wider  base. found some alloy strips, 50mm x 4mm, and with a bit of "suck it and see", i managed to fabricate the legs using my stand drill table and a hole saw to bend them around.



    i got some stainless steel button head bolts from screwfix, and the result is very stable and level


    added a pair of aga handles, which i got of ebay,

    next, was the draft control.

    couldnt quite understand why most folks go to the effort of adding 2 to 3 weber vents,

    when there is already a vent hole in the base.

    so after a few calculations (back to school!!), i worked out that 1 weber vent supplies 1.3 sq " of air .

    i increased the size of the original vent hole to 2 1/4" diameter, which delivers 4 sq" of air flow,

    equivalent to 3 weber vents.


     NExt was to design a draught control.

                                                        after a bit of trial and error, and 3 attempts, i finally got it right 

                             1/4 open                                                         fully open


                                   fully shut                                                 fully open inside view



    thats the base sorted, so the next post can only go upwards--fire basket stage 2
  2. thinblueduke

    thinblueduke Meat Mopper

    Definitely looks more stable.  Very professional-looking job!
  3. grillmonkey

    grillmonkey Smoking Fanatic

    Great job! Makes mine look like I chiseled it out of stone.[​IMG]
  4. These mods will make a huge difference, Put a damper on the lid

    Gary S
  5. gary, here it is.

  6. Great Job !!!    Looks really nice.  You now have an inexpensive smoker that you can turn out some fantastic BBQ on.

    Congrats --------   Next pictures some great Q --------------


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