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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by j the jaybird, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Alright, I've been poking around long enough. I've always loved this site, yet I rarely post. However, I was sifting through some old pictures of last summer and stumbled across the pics I took of my UDS build! So, I thought I'd share.

    I managed to score a food grade barrel from a friend of mine completely free. Free just always tastes better in my book..

    After getting it home and much time spent planning what I was going to do with it.. I just decided to hurry up and do the burnout. Figured eh why not..

    Maybe I got a little too excited to start a fire.. Maybe it was the booze.. Who knows.. But I forgot to place it up on bricks..

    After all said and done, I thought it best to go ahead and clear off any paint left over with the grinder and brush wheel. Neighbors weren't too happy.. but it had to be done!

    After I was satisfied of my paint removal job, I poked some holes with a step bit for my air intake valves and rack holders.. I decided I was going to use steel rods to support my cooking grates. I drilled 2 holes that would hold one rod and duplicated to process on the other side. It worked out pretty well. I was rather pleased. The size of my basket required that I have a flush inner wall. So, I went that route.

    After the holes were drilled, it was time for assembly. I really get into my work.. I used 22" cooking grates from a webber. I managed 2 rows of cooking grates. You can see the basket to the left in the picture. The base of it was a smaller cooking grate that I had picked up on craigslist for free. Freebies are the best. I placed 4 nut/bolt/washer combos to support it and pick it up off the bottom.

    The lid I snagged off of craigslist as well. It came from a nifty little Q that had a big Yuengling logo on it. Figured it was meant to be.. Finally, after a fresh coat of paint and seasoning. It was ready for some smokin!

    I wish I had more photos.. I had a few of some of the stuff I cooked with it. Anything from brisket to the Thanksgiving turkey! It worked pretty nice. I ended up giving this one to my dad. He was pleased to say the least. I've moved on to bigger and better! I'll be posting pics soon of my triple barrel build.. It's a monster! Though it will be my first time welding... *cringe*
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    Can't wait to see it!!

  3. j the jaybird

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    It'll be coming soon! Got quite a few nice days coming up weather wise.

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