My first UDS build.

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    Hey guys.

    So I've helped a couple people build uds over the last year or so and decided to more or less take a crack at it myself from scratch.

    So a couple weeks ago I started looking for a new barrel. I managed to find a nice condition used unlined barrel that held part 2 of a water based 2 part spray foam. Msds checked out as safe once rinsed in warm water but just to be safe the barrel was sand blasted an burnt out in that order. Painted within 6 hours of the flames dying whilst still warm and primed inside with veggie oil! It also helps that living in Calgary the rust is less likely to be an issue!

    Once cleaning was complete I drilled 2 1" holes 2 ' apart a couple inches up from the base for air intakes. The air intakes are 3-4 inch gas line iron primed with high heat primer. Through bolted in place nice and snug. The valves are 3/4" stainless steel ball valves.

    4" stove bolts are in place at 2 levels to make up the 5 inch and 10 inch food racks stands. Lots of room for cooking. The top rim of the barrel has been modified to perfectly fit a weber lid. I cut the top 3" of the weber kettle barbequeue base off and shimmed it into place to make sure it was perfectly round but secure at te top of the barrel. Once in place it was bolted in using 6 3/16" screws. After that any gaps inthe rim were sealed usin high temp sealer. I chose racing red as I thought it would look good with the smoker. The bolt heads on the weber rim at the top make up an excellent 3rd high rack stand.

    Finally for the temperature gage I bought a trutemp meat thermometer. I disassembled the probe and resoldered the thermistor assy to a straight stainless hole spike attached by way of pressure fitr rubber washers so as not to allow the metal to touch. This is then mounted on an internal small gate hinge to allow the probe to sit centrally inside te barrel just below the lowest grill but be swing out of the way if required for the coal basket etc.

    Pics are below. What do you guys think of the build?

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