My first turkey

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bbq art, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. bbq art

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    Im smoking my first turkey this weekend. Just wondering on any pointers. Stuffed or not, what kind of wood. I used apple for a brisket and it was great. seasonings if any   thanks in advance
  2. welshrarebit

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    I this one with a SPOG w/ paprika rub, unstuffed (rub goes inside though), and kiawe wood (Hawaiian mesquite). I cooked it at 280* for about six hours. My wife said it was perfect!

    The ribs I did Hawaiian style: soy, sugar, ginger, garlic and pepper flakes. They were the best ribs I've ever eaten!


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  3. sota d

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    BBQ Art, I haven't done a turkey yet, but have done a few chickens. I don't stuff, use Jeffs rub inside and out, and smoke at 275 using a hickory/applewood mix. I pull it out at 165* IT(same for a turkey) and wrap in foil to rest for at least a half hour(I'm sure longer for a turkey).

    Just make sure the IT in the thickest part of the breast and thigh are at least 165* for it to be safe. Good luck and have fun with your smoke. Welshrarebit-those are some beautiful ribs and turkey! David.
  4. bbq art

    bbq art Newbie

    So you put rub inside as well. Thank you for your help
  5. bbq art

    bbq art Newbie

    looks great
  6. foamheart

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    Everyoen has different ways. Me? First I only sprinkle seasonings in the cavity. I used to like everyone else rub those seasoniong into the skin. I finially realized that other than adding some spice to that skin nothing ever permeated the skin. So either season between the smin and the meat or inject or brine if you are trying to add flavor modifiers. You can had flavor in the cavity with spices, herbs, fruits and nuts. But there is no skin there.

    Some folks get all persnickity about crisp skin. My Mom never did crisp skin in the oven, my Pop never did crisp skin in the pit. I understand the fondness, I didn't say I had never had it, just never at home so its was never a big deal for me. Juicy trumps crispy anyday IMHO. But to get crisp skin you have two basic options, High heat or about 325 Chamber temp or you need a dry skined bird. To achieve the dry skin, either leave the turkey uncovered in the reefer overnight or place a fan on it for an hours or so before smoking. This make a BIG difference in other things also. If the cavity is well dryed the big will cook better, if its full of fluids and juices you've added moisture that will slow the cooking progress.

    Unless its a large bird, 15+ pounds temperature is said not to really matter (except for crispy skin). You are going to smoke to an IT of 165 degrees center of the thickest part of breast. You can also monitor the IT using the thigh looking I believe for a 170 IT.

    I have always been a low and slow kinda fella. I think its the only way to go in any smoke. If you are going higher than say oh..... 250, make sure and rub the skin down with a high smoke oil peanut or olive work great. Think of it as suntan lotion. If you don't the skin can crack and split cause fluid or juice's loss. Not good. Sounds silly, dry the skijn then oil it.

    The best bird I ever cooked, I threw halved apricots in the cavity after I had salted and peppered it. It was the only flavor modifer I used and boy was it delicious!

    Injecting, brining, and compound butters are best left for another day when you have perfected your basic smoke IMHO. Heck I have been around smoke 60 years, and I learned about brining here in the last couple a years.

    Start out simple, keep notes of what you do that way you have a ready refference for the next time so you can better adjust and modify your smoke.

    Last but not least, make sure you reference upon what you plan to smoke. It makes a HUGE difference is pointers and suggestions. People with electrics will not have usually have too much good for a firebreather and vice versa.

    Smoking aint rocket science the cavemen did it. Don't get stressed, don't read too much into its, K.I.S.S. =  Keep It Simple Stupid and that really says it all.

    15% preparation. 5% Dumb luck, and 80% patience, That's what smoking is all about.

    PS :: I forgot, be sure and note if the bird is enhanced or not. Thats wher they add fluids for numerous reasons, but mostly I would guess for the additional added wait. LOL It matters especially if you plan on brining.
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  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Art , hello. You have gotten great advice and should do well , however I have an idea you may want to think about... make a Compound Butter of some

    of the Seasonings ( SPOG or whatever) and rub under the skin for a better flavor and skin texture. A lot of us cook at closer to 300*F. [​IMG]  

    Cook by Temperature In the Meat , not by time...165*F in Breast , 170* in Thighs.
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