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    A 16, 14, and 12 pounder in a 14 hour brine of Todds, then to fridge for a day of drying...

    Todds bacon/butter paste under skin with a lil slathered on the bird with a few veggies and butter in the hull.

    On the Rec Tec at 10 and 11 pm Wednesday night at 250 degrees with an added welding blanket due to the 13 degree temps. Breast side down for a couple of hours..

    Midnight and temps are holding on grill and climbing to exit the danger zone..All from bedside table..

    5 am Thursday morning and all is great. Temp still 251 on Rec Tec and birds were all at 178 to 181. Into the house we go and double checked with manual probe and the birds were at 180. Double wrapped in foil, wrapped in blanket, and cardboard box for transport to work. Open at 9 and into oven at 400 for 10 minutes to crisp back up.

    Served and demolished...Great flavor, nice even smoke taste, very moist and tender. My first turkey smoke and the best smoke I have had since getting my Rec Tec...
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    Good job - Looks Great!

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    I'd say your first time out of the chute was highly successful. Ditto Great Job!


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