My first try at ribs was yesterday....

Discussion in 'Pork' started by retread, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Normally I'm up about 6:00 on Saturday, to play golf.  As I started on the 1 hour drive to the course, about 6:20, my buddy called me, said it raining down there and canceled us out.  I have already smoked several butts, chickens, ABT's and veggies, but hadn't tried ribs, and with a free day, I said, "Let's go!"  I stopped at the market and bought a 3 1/2 pound pack of back ribs, new potatoes, and cabbage.  Got home, made up my rub, opened the ribs and got rid of the membrane and applied the rub

    Here he is, rubbed, wrapped, and resting:


    While it was resting in the fridge, I boiled up the potatoes, copped white onions, grated carrots, julianned green onions, and sliced cabbage. Then I built the slaw and the potato salad.  My bride came down about then (she had gone back to bed after I left) and I told her that dinner was already planned and under way.  Very big Husband points!

    Noon rolled around and I warmed up the GOSM big block, with hickory in the box.

    Here are the ribs, going in for 3-2-1:


    After about an hour, I spritzed with a 50-50 mix of apple juice and bourbon:


    Second spritz was about an hour later:


    An hour later I pulled it out, spritzed heavily and wrapped it in foil.  Here it is going into the foil:


    Back into the smoker for 2 hours, then unfoiled and put it back in the smoker (it broke into two pieces). 30 minutes later, I added my barbecue sauce on top and smoked for another 30 minutes.  Then I pulled it out on a serving dish, wrapped it in more foil and let it rest for 15 minutes.

    Here's the final meal, just before serving:


    My bride said 2 things:

    1) "BOY was I smart when I gave you that smoker for your birthday last year!

    2)  "You said this was your first time trying ribs, right?"  "You need to practice... a LOT!",>

    All in all, even if I didn't get to play golf, it was a good day!
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  2. jaxgatorz

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    Great job on the ribs and lol @ ur wife !!
  3. ecto1

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    Nice pull back on those ribs.  I am with your wife are you sure that was your first time.[​IMG]
  4. rdknb

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    Nice ribs well done
  5. retread

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    Wife says "Thank you!"
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  6. retread

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    YEp, the very first time I have tried ribs.  Thanks to all the posters about the 3-2-1 method!
  7. Those look great!!
  8. bmudd14474

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    Id be extremely happy if those were my results on my first time.
  9. mballi3011

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    Now those are some really great looking ribs and for that fact the whole dinner is really good. Man I have to give you the old thumbs up for thats all we can do with the new system. I really do like the pototoes salad too
  10. rstr hunter

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    Now for the perfect situation.  You put the ribs in have her spritz and wrap and when you get back from golf, the ribs are done. Looks good.
  11. pineywoods

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    That all looks awesome nice job [​IMG]

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