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  1. Hello to all. So, I'm new here and wanted to share my virgin smoking experience. Feel free to comment, applaud, critique, shake your heads in disgust, or show up at my house to taste test.

    I'm a cook, at least I call myself one. I learned most of my techniques from my mother and grandmother (RIP both). I've also learned a ton from my BFF who is 100% Italian, my GMIL, the www, food network, and lots of reading. We grill a lot esp during football season and I convinced the husband he wanted a smoker for Christmas. Let me own up and say it is the best present ever. It may rival my Barbie dream house circa early 80's.

    I started lurking here on Wednesday. Put pen to paper with all your advice and got my plan of action. Purchased a pork shoulder on Friday along with a pork loin stuffed with boudin.

    So here's what I did: Friday evening, cross hatched the skin cap, covered in mustard and rub. Wrapped tight and overnight in fridge. Early Saturday AM into the smoker with pecan chips and at 225 (this was adjusted later to 250). I hit the dreaded stall and went from impatient to angry to heartbreak for about 3-4 hrs. Drank a tad too much. Fell asleep around iDK maybe 1am. Woke up at 3 or 4 and I was at 202. Waited a tad and went quickly from 205 to 206. Quick foil and towel wrap and into the cooler it went. Back to bed for me. Up this morning and this is where the magic happened.

    I was really worried after falling asleep. But what I think I realized and it pains me to say bc the husband kept fussing at me for peeking, I think I was messing up my timing by opening the door too often. When I unwrapped the pork this morning the meat was like the dreaded jello pudding dessert my grandma always brought for 4th of July. It wiggled and broke apart like a teenage girl jilted on prom night. Pulled perfectly. Dinner will be served in about 20 minutes as soon as the sides and bread come out of the oven.

    Many many thanks for all the thorough threads I found here. Thanks also to those of you who gave me some solid advice. I sincerely bow to your greatness. I see a lot of bonding time between me and the smoker!

    Pics coming shortly.
  2. Here are the pics. #1 right out of smoker.
  3. #2 after resting.

  4. #3 pulled!!!

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  5. Hello.  Welcome to our addiction!  Anything that looks that fantastic just HAS to taste good!  WELL DONE!  Keep Smokin!

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    Lookin good[​IMG] Welcome to the dark smokey side. And yes "If you're lookin you ain't cookin"!

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