My first standing rib roast 4 bones & 8.5#

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  1. Finally took the plunge and bought a Rib Roast.  They had a great sale at Publix for 6.99 / lbs.  Couldn't pass it up.  Now that I think about it, I shoulda bought more than 1! [​IMG]  Oh well.

     I kept it simple as this was my first go, I used SPOG for seasoning.  I figured on it taking about 5 - 6 hours so I started it at 11 am.  Got my smoker to 225° and put it in.  Temp in the smoker never went above 225°. (I was using a Maverick ET-732 to keep temps) What I thought was weird was it only took about 3.5 hours for the roast to get to 130° (may have to check my probe and make sure nothing is wrong with it). I pulled it off and let it rest for about 1.5 hours and the roast came up to 138° while resting.  

    Aside from the fast smoke (don't know if its just to damn hot in Miami) it had great flavor and was cooked perfect in my opinion, a beautiful medium rare.  The family loved it and I will def be looking out for the next sale to do it again.  Enough talk... on to what everyone is here for....

    Right before pulling it off.

    After resting, getting ready to cut

    Each piece was about 3/4 - 1" thick.  Got 9 pieces out of it.

    My daughter got picture happy... but hey, who doesn't love some food porn?!?!

    Wife made some home made mashed potatoes and mac salad.  Roll was from Knaus Berry Farm.  

    Thanks for looking and for all the great info on this forum! 
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  2. Looks excellent my man.  I haven't tried a rib roast yet.  Hoping to find a decent price and take the plunge.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Thanks John. I would def recommend doing it!
  4. Beautiful looking PR! Awesome job especially considering it was your first one.   The cook time was dead on where it should be.   Cook time @ any given chamber temp is determined by thickness of the piece of meat, not by it's weight. 
  5. Didn't consider the thickness of the meat.  Thanks for the info.  
  6. You're welcome.   For simplicity of explanation, heat transfers from the outside of all sides of the meat towards the center.  Distance from end of most PRs to the center is much further than from top, bottom, front or back, so in most cases, the length is irrelevant.

    Here's a graphic showing this:

  7. Thanks for that info.  That was some really good reading 

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