My first smoker build-Need some advice

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by delarosa74868, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Trying to build my first smoker out of a propane tank. I have the doors cut out and the fire box hole cut. Im not doing an offset style. My firebox is under/behind the smoker. I want to add a propane burner in the firebox so I can use either propane or wood. Is this possible? On one side of the smoking chamber Im adding burners for grilling. I have a new grill that Im going to gut for parts [​IMG]. I need some Ideas on other stuff, If you have any suggestions or even pictures of your build, post them.
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    Propane is absolutely a possibility. I have made a few small tube burners and do not have experience with larger ones but am planning to put one in my reverse flow when the time comes. There are at least one thread around here about homemade burners. Also some information on Hobart welders site Weldtalk. I dont quite understand how to determine the orficis size.

    Cooker looks good. Good ideas. very similar to a design I was thinking about until I scored a bigger tank.
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    From what I see you are onto a great idea. Maybe a dual reverse flow? [​IMG]
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    I've seen that kind of thing done before.
    They put a (propane) pipe burner below the wood grate where it can double as a firestarter too.
    I've seen pretty detailed instructions on the web for building a pipe burner.
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    Man that looks nice. Great work...
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    I like it! What size tank is that? Also can you control the temp from side to side? Might be something to think about by adding a dividing wall between the two, just thinking out loud here.
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