My first smoker build, a couple questions for those who have gone before:)

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by rib ranger, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone, this weekend I am going to begin construction on a trailer smoker. I have a 125 gallon air compressor tank, a boat trailer, and an understanding wife:). So a few questions before I build. For the fire box should I use 1/8 inch steel or 1/4? Second question I plan to mount a turkey fryer, and a grill as well. is there anything else I should consider mounting to the trailer other than storage? It is a long trailer so I have room to add your suggestions to the plan. I should have the cooking chamber mounted this weekend so pics will follow.

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    I am a newbie too but you should definitely use 1/4" steel for the firebox.  I built a 33 gallon reverse flow.  I almost used 1/8" but was talked out of it and used 3/16" instead.  I am so glad that I did.  1/4" would be even better for me but for my small smoker, 3/16 seems fine (plus my welder maxes out at 3/16").  Good luck on the build!
  3. Thank you definetly 1/4 it seems. I got the tank mounted to the trailer;) [​IMG]

    Hope to have the door cut and flanges by the end of this weekend.

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  5. Looks like a fun project! What are you planning on doing? Event smoking? Keep us posted on the progesterone. Can't wait to see how it turns out. What about adding a warming oven?or something that's insulated to allow meat to rest in after smoking?
  6. Short term I want to do some cooks at work. Long term who knows we will see how the practice Cook's go. I am considering a warming box above the firebox I was curious if it would heat up enough just being above the firebox or if they will have to be inter connected? I also had a ton of other ideas we kicked around a secondary grill, a flat plate, and we are definetly adding a turkey fryer. Other than that I'm not sure what else to plan to add. :) I would also like to check out some local smoking competitions at some point as well.

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    Check out my build and the several threads that I have concerning my additions to my trailer build.  I added a burner, a propane tank holder, tool box, warmer box, counter tops, water supply and sink all after I had finished the actual pit on the trailer.  I started out like you with an old boat trailer and a 150 gallon air tank, then went from there.

    As far as your warmer box is concerned above the firebox, you won't have any problem getting it up to temp, I actually had to add a plate in the top of the firebox to deflect heat and bring the temps down.  I now run anywhere from 175 to 200 in the warmer box, which is still hotter than I would like, but it's better than 350...

    Last year I added some signage to each side and a black piece to the front under my countertops to hide my water tanks.  Worked out great, plus you get your team or business name out there while driving around.  Gives it more of a completed look. 

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  8. That is a fantastic build. Thanks for the links there is ton of great information in them. I love the sink. I also love the completed look of your build definetly something to work towards.

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  9. So I had a random idea this morning. I performed a few searches and could not find an example of this so I could be way in left field. I have and old red river grill. Could this grill be converted into a fire box? The grill itself is decent gauge steel. The size seems right. It has upper and lower dampers and a flat area perfect for a door. If I'm way off base that's fine it was just an idea. Thanks stephen

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    As long as it's heavy enough steel to be able to weld it up to the main chamber, I don't see why not, it's your build anyway.  
  11. good evening, I got a large propane tank today to be my firebox. however I am concerned that the measurements may be a bit off. when I plug the numbers in to the calculator my firebox is around 85%. I was thinking of insetting the firebox into the cooking chamber 8 to 10 inches. the measurements are as follows

    cooking chamber 24 inch dia. x 64 inches long

    firebox 16 inch dia. x 42 inches long 

    also is there any difference In the feldon calculator for offset vs reverse flow?

    Has anyone put anything together with this type of ratio? was it successful?

    sorry for all the random ideas:)
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