My first smoked prime rib

Discussion in 'Beef' started by papa t, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. Good afternoon everyone. Decided to try my hand on smoking a prime rib today our local meat shop had them on sale.
    So i Spread some Dijon mustard all over the prime rib then I added some fresh garlic three cloves chopped finely and gave it a garlic rub all over the prime rib then gave it a good coating of tolas creole seasoning. Then tied it up . Then went ahead and gave it a good old plastic wrap let it rest in the fridge for about four hours and then went ahead and brought it out .and let it rest for 45 minutes at room temperature then put it on the smoker at 225 for a hour then bumped the temperature up to 275 and let it cook to the internet temp was 130 degrees witch took a hour and half for our 5 pounder.
    Then tented with foil for 25 minutes witch brought the internal temperature to 139 close enough for me we loved it hopefully you enjoy the pictures.
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  2. b-one

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    Looks tasty!
  3. rabbithutch

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    Gimme a little horseradish sauce and knife and fork and I could eat the whole thing!

    Well done, my friend, very well done! (and I ain't talkin' about the meat)
  4. smokinal

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    Very nice Papa!

    Looks perfectly done!

    Point to you!

  5. redheelerdog

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    Looks amazing Papa T. Delicousness

  6. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it. Have been working hard on trying to smoke whenever i can. And your help since I have joined is priceless.Thumbs Up
  7. Thanks for the points al:yahoo:
  8. Thanks b-one really appreciate the points.
  9. sauced

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    I agree....looks fantastic!!!
  10. Thanks

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