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  1. I just finished smoking my first chicken on my new Kamado Joe. Did it ever taste good. I used some apple & hickory chips along with a rub recipe I found on the internet earlier in the week. The chicken was a little dry and I am still working on keeping the temperature at a fairly constant setting, but for my first smoke I did good. My kids loved the smell of the chicken while it cooked and once it came off.  The potatoes were also done and very soft when I took them off. I am also still working on getting my temperature probe in the right place. I didn't get it into a good place in the chicken so it read high. I am also working on the thermometer itself. It kept losing contact with the transmitter. All in all thougt, I thought it went well.

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    try lump pieces of wood. Or if all you can get are chips make a foil envelope for them and punch some holes for oxygen to get in. I believe they call that the texas crutch. I do it all the time in my weber for good true thin blue smoke.
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    by the way nice rig!
  4. The Texas Crutch is when you foil your meat, especially when
    used to help get through the stall of brisket and such
  5. I have seen the wood chunks. Once I go through the chips I have, I will buy some bags of the chunks. The chips are easier to soak.

    Thanks about my KJ grill. I had been grilling using several gas grills for the past 15-20 years. Once it died last fall, I decided I wanted something different.
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    you dont need to soak your chips. All that does is create less smoke and more steam. There is quite a bit of debate on the subject though. I think I remember someone on here doing like a scientific study on the matter. I don't soak anymore. Try the foil packet trick. It works pretty good. Also keep your eyes open for smoking wood in your town. Especially after a storm. I like apple and cherry and never have to buy it. I would bet there is a ton of oak around you as well. Branches with two or three inch diameter are great and you can saw them up in short pieces. Make sure it is well seasoned. Happy smoking.
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