My first smoke ( with qview, maybe...)

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  1. So I had big plans for this morning. Up early before work and starting my voyage. Well, as luck would have it, Murphy was along for the ride today. With needing to be at work at 0530, alarm was set for 0420. I awakened and looked at the clock, 0524!!! Oh snap. Double checked and I had set the alarm for PM. Quick shower and out the door. Once at work, I was able to return home a little after 6. Fired up the smoker, pulled the rubbed meat from the fridge and prepped the other items needed. 

    I "fired" up my MES 30 and set the temp. Got my AMZNPS lit and smoking well. Maverick 733 hooked up. Meat and AMZNPS went in  and off to work I went. I texted my wife a while later and asked how the smoke looked. She said it didn't look like it was. [​IMG]

    So, again, a trip home. Checked the AMZNPS and no smoke. It was out. Lit it again and got the smoke rolling. Seemed that the chamber temp wasn't where it should be yet. Grabbed a bite for lunch and continued to watch. Seemed to be doing better. Probed for temp and was 135 at less than 4 hours. 

    Finished up work, came home, everything was where it should've been temp wise. Pulled out the smoke, added some apple juice and foiled the pan. Then waited, and waited, and waited. The stall def happened. I did kick up the temp and at 203 dropped it down to 100. Hit 208 and was off. As I was carrying the foiled pan up the steps on the deck, I spilled some near boiling apple juice and fat drippings down my leg and onto my right foot. OUCH!! Luckily my sock and flip flop spared most of my skin from any permanent damage. Like I said, Murphy was along today.

    Rested and pulled. Looked great. Bone came out clean and two forks shredded like butter.

    My 6 year old daughter, after originally thinking it was a "butt" decided that a shoulder was ok to eat, after I showed her the shoulder blade, ate the first, and her first ever plate of PP.

    Thanks to Bearcarver's step by step. So easy a caveman could do it, and probably did, just not with an electric smoker.

    Q view attempt.

    Rubbed and ready....

    Dangit. Trying to upload from photobucket and it says that url is not an image. I have posted from photobucket to many other sites before and now I cant get it to work. I am using a mac if that makes a difference.
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    GREAT STORY!  Thanks for sharing!

    Now, where are those pics!
  3. bearcarver

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    I just found this ccall !!

    I hope you're still around!!

    Sounds like everything worked out & was Great in the end.[​IMG][​IMG]

    However I reviewed my Step by Step, I can't find where I said you should spill some 208° dripping on your leg & foot !!![​IMG]

    Gotta work on that pic posting thing & you're good to go!!


  4. Well described Ccall I could almost taste it while reading your post.

    I think my next attempt at the CharGriller will be a Pork Butt and that won't be too far away after reading your story.

    Cheers from Down Under.

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