My FIRST smoke! Smoked up some Turkey Breasts for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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  1. Since I just got my MES 30 Gen 1 and my AMNPS early last week.  I seasoned the smoker and couldnt wait to get started smoking.  I decided on smoking a couple turkey breasts for our Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day lunch.

    I didnt want to get too technical as i didnt have alot of time for prep.  So all I did to these were:

    1) Thaw for 3 days in fridge

    2) Rinse, pat dry and leave uncovered in fridge overnight

    3) Pulled from fridge and rested on counter while I got the MES setup

    4) Rubbed down with EVOO then coated with fresh ground coarse black pepper and poultry seasoning

    5) Put into MES set on 235, AMNPS filled with apple pellets with a little mesquite chips sprinkled in

    6) Smoked until internal temp reached 150, turned smoker up to 275 until internal temp reached 170

    7) @ 170 internal temp - pulled breasts, wrapped in foil, wrapped in a towel and placed in cooler (left in cooler until time to serve - approx 45 min)

    8) un-foiled - sliced - yumm

    Everyone loved these!  Only problem was I filled the AMNPS too full and the smoke jumped to the next row causing some extra smoke for a while, but there was still enough to finish.

    Rinsed - patted dry - sent to fridge to rest

    Oiled up - seasoned and loaded

    Ready to eat!

    Slice and Serve

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    Nice job on the Turkey its' great when you get the first meal cooked perfect.


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