My first smoke on the new MES 40

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jarrod, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I am a rookie, and i'm using my MES 40 for the first time.  I'm smoking a brisket (homegrown on my family's cattle ranch).  I did a rub, and let it set overnight.  I'm set at 250 degrees, and using Stubb's chips (hickory, oak, apple).  It's been going for about 3 hours now, and is at 146 internal.  Being my first time, i don't expect anything spectacular, but i'm hoping otherwise!  Is there anything I should be doing differently?  Q-view will be posted!
  2. terry colwell

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    Sounds like a great start jarrod. Since its home grown beef it will most likely be better then what you think.

     Advice, dont rush it, wait out the stall, keep a consistent temp ,  and wait it out.. Enjoy
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    Jarrod, [​IMG] to SMF. I'm with Terry on this, just be patient and don't try to rush it. It will be done when it's done.

    Looking forward to some qveiw of your first smoke. [​IMG]
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    How big is the brisket? it is a good start i will let it smoke slowly don't be in a Harry and don't open the door frequently.

    you will do OK.i love smoking at 225-240 but 250 is OK.
  5. sounds like you are on the right track! Be Pateint and POST SOME Q-VIEW!
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    Keep us posted! How did it turn out?
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  7. I can't begin to imagine home grown beef.  I knew there was a reason my dad didn't allow me to have a cow growing up, but always figured it was because we lived in a second floor apartment and who would walk the cow while I was at school?  It's not like we didn't have the room.  My older brother had a huge bedroom whereas I had to share mine with my younger brother.  Truthfully, I would have given up my younger brother for a cow.  How neat!

    Not only do we want Q-Views but more history of this family cattle ranch.  How many generations, do they sell to the general public?  Lots of questions here.

    Now that MES 40 is a strange beast.  You'll need to add wood chips about every half hour for the first 2 or 3 hours.  I think after that you can set it and set your alarm for your next check.  Be sure you have a good thermometer and don't just rely on the one they provided.  What is your intent?  Slicing or shredding? 
  8. hey everybody,

    The brisket turned out GREAT!  Took about 6 hours total (3 lb cut).  I foiled at 160, and pulled at 190, then rested for 2 hours.  It definately was not as moist as i would have liked.  Once I get my retro kit from Masterbuilt, I will turn the temp down to 225 (i was afraid of not getting enough smoke with the current tray). 

    As far as the ranch goes, my parents bought the place as an Estate in the mid 90's.  We sit on 320 acres in eastern Colorado (Briggsdale).  The herd consists of 20 heifers & 2 bulls.  We pull the best calves aside every year to fatten up.  They are fattened up for six months.  The first three months on hay and distiller's corn (from our local ethanol plant), and then another three months on oats & molassas.  We don't sell to the general public, just family and friends. 

    Anyways, since i'm a newbie, my Q-view has to go through moderation.  I've submitted them, and should be available soon!  Thanks everybody for your posts and words of advise.  I look forward to chatting some more with you soon!  Have a great day everybody!

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    I envy you and miss the beef fattened on corn and mollassas!  Hard to beat that quality of beef.  Good job! 

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