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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by cunnart, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Turned out alright, they were not the best I have had but definitely way better than some of the ones I have paid for at restaurants. 
    The problem I ran into was they were over done. I did the 2-2-1 method at 225 since they were baby back ribs. I did not insert the meat temp probe since I figured they wouldn't be done till that last hour so the plan was to put the probe in when I pulled them back out of the pan. The bone still pulled away but the meat was a little more done than I would have liked. When I did go to pull them at the end of 4 hours the meat was up to 187*. 

    I also did corn on the cob, it was ok. The kernals were still a little tough and the smoke was a little over powering in spots that the husk wasn't quite covering. They were done at 2508 for an hour, probably needed to go longer.
    Also did baked potatoes, no foil wrap. They were done at 250* for 2 hours and still needed to be finished off in the microwave.

    Another thing that killed me was I bough the ribs pre marinated from the butcher, they were the same price as regular baby back ribs, but they didn't remove the silver back. Like a dummy I assumed they would have since they pre marinated them.  

    Plan is to do some carolina style butt this weekend.
  2. bearcarver

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    Hi Cunnart!!

    I never use a meat probe for ribs, but I usually check them early just in case, especially if they're kinda thin.

    I never trusted the pre-marinated ones either, plus they're usually pretty much higher in cost.

    Here's a Step by Step on a pretty good Pork Butt, if it'll help any:

    Pulled Boston Pork Butt  

  3. Yeah the only reason I grabbed them was because I was short on time to really do a rub justice and let it work. Lesson learned though the wife thought they were too sweet. The funny thing was when the pones pulled out the remaining meat looked like a McDonalds rib which lol.
  4. geerock

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    Just a little advice, cunnart. Sometimes its just a good idea to let the meat be the star. You don't always need rubs and marinades to "do its work". Lots of times I'll just throw a rub on ribs right before I throw them on the smoker or while its heating up. Same with most other meats. Poultry and lean pork I like to brine for prep but thats it. Give it a try until you find your own favorite recipe. Best of luck with that new smoker.
  5. So I have moved my heat probe for my maverick for today's smoke (butt) it currently sits about 3 inches from the masterbuilt probe. Right now with nothing in the smoker I am reading 275* when my smoker is set at 260. This could explain why my ribs were over cooked. I will continue to monitor for the day and see what it does with meat in there. 
  6. bearcarver

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    The problem with having the Mav probe close to the MES sensor is you don't know what the temp is on the left side.

    However if you're just seeing how close the two are, I would try to get them a lot closer than 3", but don't let them touch each other. (Like maybe a half inch??


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