My first shoulder this weekend.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by miamited, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Picked up two pork shoulders this week at $1.50 per pound. If I remember, they are 6 pounds each ( I am at work now so can not check) I was thinking of using hickory at 225, but keep reading 1 hour per pound and 2 hour per pound.

    I will do a rub with EVOO instead of mustard as I don't have plain yellow mustard. I do have spicy mustard, would that make a difference?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You have ,Miamited , an easy meat to smoke . You really don't really need anything to get the Rub will stick to the meat , it willstay on withjust the moisture. Set in refridgerator over night and next morn dust it again , you're get a beautiful bark .

    As for the 1hr.or the 1…5 hr, thingy . that is only a refference for makiing sure you have enough time time for the cook . There will be a stall period , just be patient , Do not increase the heat be patient,

    I smoke my Butt @ 225* and don't wrap , My Butts come out nicely .

    Have fun and . , .
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    Spicy mustard would work just as good as EVOO or regular old yellow mustard, remember its just a binder for your rub. The time to cook is more of a guide, you want to cook based on internal temp. For a good pull on your pork shoot for 190-200 internal temp. You may need to bump the heat up to get passed the stall. Each shoulder is different, have fun smoking and don't be afraid to post picks :)
  4. could be 1 hour per, could be 2, could be a bit more, every pork butt is different, it all depends on average thickness and moisture content.

    I've had them go all over the place as far as time. the key is to cook to temp, not by time. my magic number typically is 202-203, but i've had to pull them a bit earlier from time to time (198) without too much issue. This is for pulled pork, if you are a slicing guy, temp could be different.

    good thing is butts are very forgiving as far as temp.... basically any smoke at any temp between 225-275, probably even 300 would work, get to your desired temp and you should have good food.
  5. phatbac

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    I agree that the Boston butt is a vary forgiving piece of meat. Some people like complex rubs and injections but i cook mine at 275 degrees and i rub salt the night before. plain old table salt. doesn't require mustard the way ribs do or anything. i get good bark too. I used to use a very complex rub for my pork butt and with the salt i cannot tell the difference in flavor and not very much in bark production. as for time plan on 90 minutes per lb or so and use a thermometer to judge when its done. i like 195-200 degrees. at the temps i smoke at it  usually do about 60-70 minutes per lb

    Remember God made that pig's shoulder taste good long before you got involved. just massage the flavor out of it low and slow with a little bit of smoke.

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)

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