My first Salmon...have questions?

Discussion in 'Fish' started by keith54, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. At the last minute we've decided to smoke a salmon filet for our supper tonight. This will be my first salmon done in the smoker so I have a few questions, if you can help that would be great.

    1. Don't have the time for doing a brine. So does someone have a simple rub usiing basic ingredients from the cupboard. Trying to keep this first one simple. Or should I just season with pepper and lemon b4 it goes on?
    2.Will be usiing adler and maybe some cherry wood. What temp should I maintain the smoker at...thinking around 200 degrees or should I go a bit higher since I didn't use a brine?
    3.Should I bast this fish and if so with what? Again trying to keep this first one simple.
    4. Would I be correct if we smoked this filet to about 145 internal temp and/or flaky in the middle?

    Looking forward to all the help I can get. Q view to follow[​IMG]. Thanks

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    Don't need to do a bunch. I've brined but it's not essential.

    1. As simple as s and p. I hear a lot of people using lemon pepper. Glazes of maple syrup can add nice flavor. The fish is flavorful enough and is rich enough to stand alone or embelished.

    2. 200f sounds like a good temp to start at.

    3. No basting needed.

    4. 145 is the minimum temperature when fish is done. Pull it and if it's still a little wet for you, put it back for a few minutes.
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    Take the time to brine it next time. Yeah Man! that's good eatin!
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    The only time I Brine my fish is if I am going to smoke and vacuum pack it.

    Otherwise, I usually just marinade it for awhile before putting it on the grill or into the smoker.

    A good base for marinade is Olive Oil, a touch of Balsamic Vinegar (to taste) Lemon Pepper and Dill Weed.

    A splash of Sesame Oil ads a distinct flavor but be careful as it can be over powering.

    Often, we will mix in some Honey Lime Rub to the Olive Oil which also ads a nice flavor.

    the longer you have to marinade the meat the better but in a pinch we have done so for as little as 30 minutes.

    If you have a vacuum sealer and a container large enough to marinade your meat under vacuum, this can help cut down on the marinade time as well as help permeate the meat with marinade and flavor.

    Do not be afraid to experiment and have fun with salmon as it is good a variety of ways and very forgiving flavorwise.

    One word of caution though. The most common mistake made with salmon is overcooking which results in a much less flavorful experience.

    I typically try to pull my fish 5 minutes before it is done as it will cook for about that long even after you have removed it from the heat.
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    Salmon should come with a packet of dill. They are made for each other.

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