My first rotisserie smoker, Help I have some questions.

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by skantown, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Just purchased a used Southern Yankee 4' 6 rack rotisserie trailer mounted smoker.  This model came with a BBQ Guru Competitor and 25cfm fan.  I set the pit control to 225° and had the pit probe mounted just inside the door.  I also checked the temp with a thermapen through a hole drilled in the pit about 3/4 way up the side close to the edge an it usually read in the 240°.  After 4 hours of smoke the butt was in the 115° range.  I usually wrap at 4-5 hours with a temp of 155°.  At the 11 hour mark I was only at about 165°.  I brought the butt in and finished it in the oven.  I was using lump charcoal for my fuel with some hickory chunks for smoke.  What am i doing wrong?  Does the volume of wood/charcoal factor in?  Should the BBQ Guru just be set at a higher temp?  Is it normal to burn up 40lbs of lump charcoal in 12 hours?   Also the attached warming box never got any warmer than 110°.
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    skantown, morning.....   In every smoker there are temp. gradients...  side to side..... top to bottom.... etc....   There is a learning curve to determine where to put the temp probe and what temp to set the controller.....     Dave

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