My first ribs

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  1. dmack

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    Well, I did my first ribs late last week. I'm sorry to be tardy in getting Q-view posted. I still struggle getting quality pictures but the meat is smokin' well. I used hickory and a Memphis rub I found here on the site. I did use the 3-2-1 method. My temp really rose quickly but I did get all 3 steps of the method in. By the way I wasn't sure how much I bought. So when I went to get ready for the smoke and discovered I had two full racks I knew I needed to invite a couple people over to sample them. They raved about the flavor. Thanks for the help some of you gave me the other day. Here are a few pictures.

    Here is my setup along with the table I built. Too cheap for the drop down shelves.

    Here is a picture early in the smoke.

    A little later in the smoke.

    ">Wow that picture blew up big. As you can see I am still buying my sauces.

  2. bigbear

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    Great job! They look wonderful!!

    Happy Smokin'
  3. good job they look really great.
  4. daboys

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    Looks real good Doug. I still buy sauces at the store too. Just make 1 for the wife. She doesn't like the store bought stuff.
  5. erain

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    looks fine doug!!! i make my own sauce and rubs, but latley been doin the boughten sauces again, before it was all about the sauce.... now the smoke and the meat, so i use a lot less sauce, not to mention i traded some off with a memeber on the sauce trade post so gotta use that.
  6. ronp

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    Nice job![​IMG] Keep the QVIEWS coming.
  7. cman95

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    Nice job on the ribs.[​IMG]
  8. waysideranch

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    Looking good, DMACK. Lucky friends.

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