My First Ribs and can't figure out how to add qview with iphoto.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by wahouse8, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. wahouse8

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    Hey Everyone,

    Alright, with your help I present to you my first smoking - three baby backs, rubbed with Adkins rub and smoked in my ECB with Afterburner for 4 hours. I used a mix of maple, hickory and apple wood in the can.

    I needed to shake the can after the first hour and third hour to keep it smoking but other than that, with a few tweaks it ran between 225 and 250. At the end my friend (who smokes) suggested we crank it up to about 3 hundred after a mopping.

    In total it was on for 4 hours.

    I thought the smoke and taste was awesome, but it was not tender. I wanted it to be fall off the bone which his always is, but mine was not. My friend thought it might be because it could have used longer, what do you think?

  2. meat hunter

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    Well lets see here. These were in for 4 hours. Anytime wrapped in foil? I would try either the 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 method and keep the heat between 225-250.
    As far as photos, I would open a photobucket account, its free, simple and works really well.
    Here is a link if your interested.
  3. i would like why alsos
  4. wahouse8

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    Thank you Meat Hunter, I added some qview but I couldn't get a shot of them going on the grill to work, I will try again in a minute.

    I can find the 3-2-1 Method but it suggests the 2-2-1 method for baby back, any idea where I can find that method online?

  5. meat hunter

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    No problem. For baby back, the 2-2-1 method works pretty well, but it is not set in stone. Just a go-by formula. Basicall, your smoker is right around 225 degrees. The first 2 in the 2-2-1 is for 2 hours on the smoker, no foil, no nothing, just naked ribs. The second 2 is for 2 hours where the ribs are now wrapped in foil. Prior to putting them in the foil, you may want to give them a good spritzing of apple juice, or captain morgans, or a combination of the two. Not too much, just enough to wet them down. And you are not limited to those 2 flavors, use what ever your imagination can come up with that you think would taste good. The foil loosenes the meat up from the bone, and makes them very very tender. The last number, 1, is for one hour on the smoker again, naked without foil. This is to somewhat firm them up again. Again, this method is not set in stone and can be adjusted to the way you like it. Want a firmer meat, the cut the middle number in half maybe. If the ribs look done say after the first 30 minutes of the last number, take em off. Whatever works for you is best. 2-2-1 for baby backs as they have a little less meat on them, and 3-2-1 for spares as they tend to me meatier. Everything makes sense? If not, send me a PM and we'll clear things up.Of course, any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.[​IMG]
  6. wahouse8

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    Thanks Meat Hunter!

    I also reposted this with all the pictures working from Photobucket!


  7. mballi3011

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    I thought I have seen this one before. But great job on the ribs again.

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