My First Rib Roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by irbanite, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Decided on trying my first Rib Roast so I had to try it on my Kettle and post it to here.  I picked up a 3 bone roast and let it come up to room temp for a couple of hours.  Only seasoned it with Montreal Steak Seasoning and used the Snake Method with a little bit of apple chunks.  I kept the grill around 240-250 and pulled the roast off at 128 and foiled to 133.

    The wife had no complaints and said she liked it a lot so I call this cook a success.  Some things I will try on the next one though is to get my other kettle up to high temps and set the roast in indirectly for 15-20mins and then move over to the low and slow kettle.  Also, instead of pulling it at 128, I’ll pull it at 120 and foil it til around 125.  No complaints on doneness but we do like it just a little more rare than what it was.

    Not a lot of pics but here are some pre-cook, pre-slice and plate.  Thanks for checking it out.

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  2. Looks mighty tasty to me  nice job.  [​IMG]

  3. b-one

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  4. Good looking cook.  Nicely done.
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Looks good...JJ 
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    Looks good to me.  [​IMG]
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    SWEEEEEET!!  [​IMG]  
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    Looks Great from my House!![​IMG]---------------[​IMG]

    And Momma likes it---That's a Big Plus!![​IMG]

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    I'd eat that all day!

    Points for a great roast.

  10. Looks good! I have a question on the veggies in the drip pan. Did you start them plain and let them just cook in the drippings? Or did you add something to them?
  11. kawboy,
    All I added was some beef broth. I got the recipe from another post. I'll try and find it in the morning and post the link I used.

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  12. broth would have been good. I threw them in plain tonight. I thought there would be more drippings, they turned out tasty though.

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