My first reverse flow trailer build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by skuuzmeplease, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Thank you
  2. Fitting the doors.The left side still fit like a glove but the right side not so much.I had to shave off some to make it fit back in the hole.Im glad i have access to a hoist because these doors are heavy.
  3. Every thing looks great. Looks like you did some good planning before you started
  4. Yes i did quite a bit of planning.
    Just finished the door to the Firebox.
    Right now i am trying to figure out what to use for counter weights.I am going to build a box on the back side of the cook chamber as another smaller smoker or a warmer so i want to minimize anything swinging back there.I am toying with coil springs.
  6. Im not sure I understand what you want to do with the coil springs. As a far as counter weights are you talking about for the doors?
  7. Yes exactly
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    Do the tail lights interfere with the door opening on the FB ??
  9. Those are magnetic trailer lights i use to move it around.i will be extending the side rails to install the new lights later on so at that they are behind the firebox.
  10. you can get good ideas for counter weight design from looking at Gator Pit smokers and Pitts by Klose they both have nice ones. I am not saying to copy it but they are helpful to look at
  11. thanks cornbread 

  12. installing the end cap
  13. Starting the warming box

  14. Almost finished with warmer box however i do not know how to heat this side?

    Can i tap into firebox and have the fire heat both sides or is that going to take too much heat away from the main cook chamber? 

    I was thinking of ducting the warmer from the back side of fb but how would the air flow with 2 stacks fighting to pull the air through?

    Any thoughts?

  15. Hard to say how that's gonna work out . I did mine above my firebox and just put a little slide vent for more heat and I get a little smoke. You may be able to put 2 or 3 small vents from your cook chamber but you will get smoke. I hope you work it out.
  16. Maybe you could do a small firebox under it and exhaust it separate so you would just have heat.
  17. I decided to go with the additional firebox for my warmer /smoker.

    I plan to have two stacks one to pull the heat through under the chamber and one to pull it reverse flow over the food.I will put in some flaps and damper to make it work.....i hope

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    Nice job
  19. clint smokewood

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    I just built one as well.
  20. Thanks
    Just weighed the trailer because i was getting worrried about how much i had on my 3500lbs axle and it as it sits now it weighs 2780LBS.I still have about 300-500lbs worth of shelves and doors to put on so i guess i better start looking for a bigger trailer or another axle?

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