My first prime rib MES 30...sweet lord.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jerc, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. jerc

    jerc Newbie

    Well, the other day my buddy came over and dropped a prime rib and asked me to smoke it. Thank god all of you on here have posted so much information cause I am still new to all this. Especially Bearcarver...thank you sir.

    So i scored through the fat in diamond pattern. Then I cooked down some balsamic and worcestershire sauce to thicken it up a little. Let it cool down and slathered it all over the meat. Then I put the simple rub of sea salt, black pepper, onion/garlic powder, and cayenne powder. I wrapped it up in plastic and put her in the fridge from 1400 til 0930 the next morning. Preheated my MES to 240 and kept it there entire time. I used the Jack Daniels wood chips because they have an AMAZING aroma.

    My friend requested it a little less rare than most people do it so I cooked it til it was 144 internal, took 5.5 hours. Took it off and wrapped it in foil for one hour and sliced it up. Was 148 before i sliced it. Blew my socks off.

  2. foamheart

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    LOL.. your fault, now your buddy will starts stocking you with meat....LOL

    Nice looking, did it taste as good as it looks?
  3. jerc

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    Works for me, I'll take all the free meat I can get lol. It tasted outstanding, he was going to wait til tomorrow to get his pieces but after I sent him the pics he came right lmao.
  4. foamheart

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    Probably didn't trust they would last till tomorrow!

    Probably a smart move on his part....LOL
  5. seenred

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    Looks me some prime rib!  Great job.  [​IMG]

  6. jerc

    jerc Newbie

    You're probably right hehehehe
  7. demosthenes9

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    Nice job.  Last step is to bring your buddy over from the Dark Side and convince him that mid rare or even medium tastes SOOOOOO much better    :)   (Apologies, couldn't resist :)  )
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